We saw a few days back how the GoPro Karma was a foldable drone and all. DJI seems extremely keen on having an upper hand over GoPro on the foldable drone scene, and thus, the DJI Mavic.

News is that the drone has leaked yet again, this time revealing some more crucial info including flight time, camera, and more. Keep reading for the details.

According to the leak, the DJI Mavic will have a flight time of 27 minutes, slightly better than what the Phantoms offer. Besides, it’ll have a three-axis stabilised gimbal which will carry a 4K camera. The highlight, in our opinion, is the claimed control range — a hefty 4.3 miles or nearly 7 kilometres!

More info from the leaked video suggests that there’s going to be a 24-core processor running inside the handy drone, along with a top speed of 40mph or 64kmph.

It’s quite clear that DJI’s targeting the not-so-savvy pilots with this one; features such as return to home are a given, but the added claim of GLONASS support on the drone makes it sound more convincing.

The official unveiling is expected to be moments from now, so stay tuned.


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