The Mould King Super-X is the latest in the series of large brushed quadcopters from Mould King. Mould King is well known for making large yet affordable quadcopters. I just got their latest model — the Mould King Super-X — in the mail today so let’s open up the box and see what’s inside.

Taking it apart

Mould King Super-X review
Super-X box
Mould King Super-X review
Box side view

Inside the box you’ll find the quadcopter sitting inside a plastic container, with the props already mounted. Only things that need assembly are the landing gear and the prop guards (if you choose to use them).

Next to the quad is the controller, prop guards and USB dual charger.  The landing gear is taped to the underside of the plastic container.

Mould King Super-X review
Super-X packaging

Upon removing the quadcopter you can see it has a sleek design and glossy black finish and orange accent stripes on each arm. It has the Mould King “Super-X” logo on the shell that looks cool.

The quadcopter itself feels well-built without being too heavy. The included prop guards are quite large and will provide sufficient protection of the propellers if you choose to attach them… though you’ll be sacrificing flight time with the added weight. The prop guards add an additional (rather hefty) 36g to the Super-X.

Mould King Super-X review
Super-X without landing gear or prop guards
Mould King Super-X review
Prop guards
Mould King Super-X review
Prop guards weigh 36g

The landing gear are really nice looking and remind me of the style used in higher priced brushless quadcopters. They are easy to attach and work very well. Just be mindful that you do need to use 2 screws per landing leg to permanently attach them to the underside.

Though they seem to snap-on securely without using screws, they will fall off during flight if you don’t secure them with screws. The instructions doesn’t mention how to assemble the landing gear so it’s easy to forget to use the screws.

Mould King Super-X review
Landing gear

The Mould King Super-X with its landing gear and battery installed weighs much more than I anticipated. It felt quite light so I was surprised when it weighed in at 311g without the prop guards. Since it weighs over 250g then it will require an FAA registration number to be flown in the USA. With the prop guards installed it weighs in at 347g.

Mould King Super-X review
Total weight minus prop guards

The included charger is nice looking with the Mould King logo on it and it has two JST plug connections which I was curious as to why but soon found out (we’ll get to the “why” in a moment). Also included in the charger bag is a phillips screwdriver and some screws for attaching the landing gear and prop guards. Unfortunately, the Super-X doesn’t come with spare props so if you break any props you’ll have to purchase replacements.

Mould King Super-X review
USB dual JST plug charger
Mould King Super-X review
Charger bag with screwdriver and screws

‘Hybrid’ 2S battery

On the bottom of the Mould King Super-X is a sliding door that lets you access the battery. Once you open the door you’ll find the battery already inside. The battery is… ‘unique’, to say the least. You’ll see the quad is powered by two JST plugs. The short explanation is that the battery is essentially two 1s LiPos taped together to make it work as a 2s — an 850mAh 25c LiPo.

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Each LiPo uses it’s own JST plug so that’s why the quad has two JST connections next to the battery inside the bay. This is extremely odd but it works fine. So now that explains why the charger has two JST connections!

If you’re worried about this unique battery then don’t despair. 1s LiPos with JST plugs are very common and extremely inexpensive so it’d be very easy to ‘make’ your own batteries. You might even be able to put together a larger capacity battery, if you’re into that kind of stuff.  Just tape together two 1s JST plug batteries with the same mAh rating and as long as it fits you’re good to go! Just make sure they aren’t of different capacities or that will cause problems as one LiPo will drain and go dead faster than the other.

Mould King Super-X review
Battery bay
Mould King Super-X review
Two 1s lipo pack each with their own JST plugs.
Mould King Super-X review
Each cell is a 3.7v (1s) 850mAh lipo

If you plug in only one JST connector the quad will not power up.  You must have both plugged in before it’ll power on!

Above the battery bay door is an ON/OFF switch which is always a bonus and to the left of the switch is a plug for the camera (sold separately). I’m a big fan of ON/OFF switches since they allow you to plug in your battery ahead of time. The switch is even more important on the Super-X since you have to plug in two JST plugs.

The bright side of it

The battery takes several hours to charge. The charger has 3 lights inside the case that light up. One green that shows it is receiving power and two red lights that correspond to each cell being charged.  The red lights go off once the corresponding cell is charged.

The Mould King Super-X comes with small yet bright LED’s. The LED’s are located under each arm near the motors. The front LED’s are green and the rear are blue making for a nice contrast for easy orientation. The LED’s are much brighter than I expected from such small LED’s. Most likely the “2s” lipo helps to make them shine so brightly. They can be seen rather easily in the daytime unless you are far away… and they look absolutely great at night!

Mould King Super-X review
Bottom view of LED’s
Mould King Super-X review
Top view of LED’s


The Super-X transmitter is very plain and simplistic but overall works well. The control sticks are definitely designed for thumb flyers so if you’re a “pincher” then it may be harder for you to fly. The gimbal sticks are shorter than I’d like though and despite having large pads for my thumbs I did find my thumbs slipping off on occasion.

The transmitter only has a few buttons – it has full trim buttons for the pitch and roll along the front of the controller next to the power button. On the top of the transmitter are 4 buttons – the outermost right button is your 3D flips button. When you press it the Tx will beep and then you can move the right stick the direction you wish it to flip.

Despite the large size, the Mould King Super-X executes flips quite well. The top right inside button is for activating “One-Key-Return” and is also used for starting/stopping video if you purchase the camera that attaches to the battery bay door.  The top left outer button is for changing the rates; the quad has 3 rates (low, medium and high).

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The top left inner button is for entering headless mode and also takes photos if you purchase the camera. To calibrate the gyros you hold each stick to the bottom and outwards until the LED’s stop flashing.

Mould King Super-X review
Transmitter labeled

Flight Review

The Super-X flies very well for such a large and low cost quadcopter. As you’ll see in the video below, it is very stable even in high winds. On low rate it’s a bit sluggish and has very little pitch and a slow yaw so unless you’re a beginner that rate is not recommended.

Medium rate works okay but I prefer high or “expert” rate as it has much more pitch and fast but not too fast yaw. Even on high rate though I find that the pitch is not as much as I’d like. I’d have preferred a bit more pitch so it’d be a sportier flyer but given that it’s a large quad made to carry a camera it’s understandable why they designed it to be less sporty.

Flight Times

The quad has an impressive flight time of approximately 8-9 mins with no prop guards thanks to the beefy hybrid 2s 850mAh battery. If you choose to use the prop guards I’d expect to chop a minute off that flight time. However, the Low Voltage Alarm is extremely short, maybe 15 seconds and once it reaches critical voltage the motors will stop and it’ll fall to the ground. I had this happen on my first flight but thankfully I was only about 10 feet up so it fell but sustained no damage. I’d have preferred a longer LVA because if you are high up and hit the LVA you likely won’t have time to come down and land before the motors cut out.

So with that in mind I highly recommend using a timer. I used the timer on my smartphone… just set it to around 7 mins to be safe.  If you do this you’ll be fine.

Mould King Super-X review: Gallery



Mould King Super-X review: Summing it up!


  • Large powerful quad
  • Bright LED’s
  • Sleek design with glossy finish
  • Long flight times
  • Stable flyer
  • Extremely affordable


  • LVA is short
  • Bizarre battery design
  • No extra props
  • Short controller sticks

The Mould King Super-X is a nice big quadcopter at an affordable price.  It does have a few shortcomings, notably the unique battery design and short LVA but otherwise it’s a great quadcopter for the price and would make for a decent aerial video platform especially if you attached a Runcam or Mobius on a DIY anti-vibration mount.

It has an impressive flight time and decent range.  The Mould King Super-X can be purchased from RC Moment for $36.99, who supplied us with the sample in return for this review.