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Remember Hover Camera? It’s offical, and shipping right away


A few months back, an obscure manufacturer got the world crazy about ‘personal’ quadcopter drones. Back then known as the Hover Camera, it’s now added a suffix to it’s name to now be called the Hover Camera Passport.

You certainly won’t get through immigrations (might in fact get in trouble in countries that ban drone import) by flashing your Hover Camera Passport, but you’ll certainly be able to shoot some (hopefully impressive) aerial footage.

The makers call it “the first truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera that anyone can use”. We’re not really sure about that (there’s ZeroTech’s Dobby, and at a slightly larger scale the DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma that mostly anyone can use), but the Hover Camera Passport does offer a rather unique form factor.

While other foldable drones have been… foldable, the Hover Camera Passport is foldable in a way that’s a little different. It isn’t just the arms that fold into the main body, but the entire body (caged) that folds in half.

Here’s how it looks:

Hover Camera Passport

…when folded:

Hover Camera Passport

Please note pictures are from the first unveil in April, and bits may have changed. Pictures will be updated once fresh images are available.

It comes with a 13 mega-pixel camera capable of shooting in 4K… and supported by EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) for cleaner footage. It weights just 242g — which means it needs no FAA registration. The most interesting features it includes are Face & Body Tracking, 360-degree panoramas (360 spin) and ‘Orbit’ (autonomous filming). The Hover Camera Passport features a 1360mAh 2S battery which promises a 10 minute hover time (with no wind; expect real-life performance to be around the 6-7 min mark).

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Hover Camera Passport Pricing & Video Demo

The impressive (by design, so far) gadget is already on sale and shipping via the company’s official store. It’s priced an interesting $599 with an additional $50 off for everyone for the first two weeks (with a promised $50 off after this for those who ‘invite’ others to buy). I say ‘interesting’ because the pricing makes it cheaper than both, the DJI Mavic and the GoPro Karma… but yet almost twice as expensive as the ZeroTech Dobby.

There’s a few more videos from/about the Hover Camera Passport you can check now. Other videos can be found on the company’s YouTube channel.

We’ll try and source one for review, stay tuned!