8 best foldable drones to buy

After the launch of DJI’s Mavic Pro and GoPro’s Karma, foldable drones have really become mainstream. But those two aren’t the only foldable drones available on the market; there are some other less popular ones which you might not be aware of.

This is why we made a list of the 8 foldable drones you should know about!

8 Foldable Drones You Should Know About!

1. Keyshare Kimon

Best Foldable Drones: Keyshare Kimon

The Keyshare Kimon was born as a selfie drone (as many on this list) but nonetheless it has four foldable arms to make it more pocketable. Sadly the drone didn’t have a huge success and it’s only available in China. On the hardware side, the Keyshare Kimon packs a 4K (25fps) camera, 2000mAh capacity battery, it weights 500g and has a flight time of around 10 minutes.

2. Zerotech Dobby

Best Foldable Drones: Dobby selfie drone

The Zerotech Dobby is one of the most popular foldable drones due to the fact that it’s readily available, and relatively good hardware & software. It can shoot 1080p video with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and packs different features such as Face Tracking, Follow Snap and gesture based motion controls.

This foldable drone is fueled by a 970mAh battery and can fly for about 9 minutes on one charge. Here are the top places you can buy the Dobby drone!

3. Hover Passport Camera

Best Foldable Drones: Hover Camera Passport

The Hover Camera Passport is the most recent drone release from this, it was indeed launched just a few days back (check out the  Zerotech Dobby vs Hover Camera Passport comparison). The Camera Passport is interesting for its encased fans design, which make it easier to bring around and safer to use.

This foldable drone sports a 1360mAh capacity battery ensuring an autonomy of 10 minutes, its camera can shoot 4k video at 30fps combined with a bright f/2.0 lens.

4. DJI Mavic Pro

Best Foldable Drones: DJI Mavic Pro

This is probably the drone people are most excited about and actually want to own; you’re right, we’re talking about the DJI Mavic Pro. It’s the latest product from the consumer drone market leader DJI, most famous for their Phantom lineup.

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Well, the Mavic Pro is not much different from those but it’s all packed in half the size thanks to its clever way to fold the arms up. It lacks a bit of video quality compared to the bigger Phantom 4 but it can still shoot high quality 4k @30fps with 3-axis IS, it packs tons of features from ActiveTrack to precision hover, obstacle avoidance, OcuSync video transmission and more. The big 2970mAh capacity battery gives it the amazing flight time of around 27 minutes.

5. GoPro Karma

Best Foldable Drones: GoPro Karma

GoPro’s Karma drone was bound to a huge success but the launch of the DJI Mavic Pro a week later kind of killed all the hype. It’s still an amazing drone for those who can combine it with a GoPro Hero5 Black 4K, this mix should produce very high quality videos, probably better than what you can get on the DJI Mavic Pro.

On the flip side, you give up on portability as the GoPro Karma will definitely occupy more space in your backpack. Hardware wise, it sports a massive 5100mAh battery but due to it being heavier it can fly for up to 20 minutes, not too bad after all.

6. Wingsland S6

Best Foldable Drones: Wingsland S6 RC Drone Arena 3

The Wingsland S6 is somewhat similar to the Zerotech Dobby, but it sports a more aggressive design, indeed it kind of looks like a racing drone even if it really isn’t. The Wingsland S6 also distinguishes itself for its attachment platform on the top. You can add different modules such as a mini cannon, search light, obstacle avoidance sensors and a display board for emojis and whatnot.

The drone is still not available for sale and the pre-productions versions on the market do not have all the features nor an app with English language. The Wingsland S6 can shoot 4k video @30fps with 3-axis EIS, the battery is a tad small at 1400mAh, still it has an advertised flight time of 10 minutes.

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7. Flexify Drone

Best Foldable Drones: Flexify Drone

This is kind of a treat, I’d find it hard to believe you know about the Flexify Drone and that’s probably a good thing. Its looks are quite antiquated, it feels like they designed this in the 90’s. The Flexify Drone is big even when folded up (609.0mm x 609mm x H 195.0mm) but it looks pretty stable in the air if you’re interested in mounting a camera on it.

The drone is powered by a 4S / 5200mAh capacity battery which gives it a good 22 minutes of flight time. What’s great though about the the Flexify drone is that it was the first drone on this list to go on sale — no crowdfunding BS.

8. Tencent Ying Drone

Best Foldable Drones: Tencent Ying Drone

After the resounding success of the Zerotech Dobby, China’s Tencent (the company behind the massive WeChat app) decided to follow it up with something more powerful. And hence, the Ying Drone!

On a scale of Hover Camera Passport to DJI Mavic Pro, the Tencent Ying Drone is something that skews towards the DJI Mavic Pro. However, it does not feature a gimbal stabilised camera. But at the same time, it is way more affordable at just $299. It’s already on sale in China!

8 Foldable Drones You Should Know About: Over To You

And that ends our list of the best foldable drones! Did you guys get to know some new drones or did you know them all? Nonetheless, which one would you buy? Let us know in the comments section below!

More foldable drones are set to grace the market in the coming months… some new and innovative ones, and others, such as this Zerotech Dobby clone!

  • Justo Arturo PC

    You’re wrong about the Mavic, the image quality is actually better if you use the camera properly, it has the same sensor with a faster lens.

    • I might be wrong, but I’ve seen many videos where they say the Phantom 4 does look better. It has the same sensor but the lens is smaller and it’s not as sharp, even with a bigger aperture.

  • Stratidrone

    Great article guys! We here would just like to add one more pocket drone that should own it’s fair share in the limelight. I’m talking about the H37 JY018 ELFIE Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone. I’ll leave a link to the review to we did on it. Hopefully with the permission of our author here.

    H37 JY018 ELFIE Pocket Drone Review:

    Happy Flying!

  • Marek Jindřich

    Don’t follow my experience and don’t lose your money on disappeared Hover Camera drone

    The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great topic and I’m a big fan of it. Both personally and professionally.
Since I found a first news about planned Hover Camera drone which adopts advanced AI for face and person recognition in video and uses it for the drone navigation I was among the first ones who submitted the liable pre-order, paid about $550 and waited about 1 year until the drone was finally founded launched and delivered to the middle of Europe to my home.
Unfortunately my pleasure last only for few days and the drone got very soon irrevocably lost. I tell you how it happened to let you avoid a similar experience.

    It was winter and I took the drone to record my wife during the downhill skiing. There was a morning and was little bit foggy and bit windy (very common weather in my country).
    I let the drone into the air and “lock” its focus to my wife.
    First unexpected finding was the drone don’t follow the downhill slope but keep flying into the same attitude. So after few meters of skiing the vertical distance between the drone and recorded skier set in too big and the drone lost focus.
    Secondly after several similar tries the drone suddenly climbed up from himself about 50 meters high, immediately lost connection with my phone and remote control app and disappeared somewhere to the side in direction of nearby forrest.
One and half day I spend by combining the forest and looking for it in high snow. Unsuccessfully. The drone was gone and my $550 was gone.

    Now, was the cause the little foggy weather that makes the drone think the ground is approaching so let’s claim up? Or the white show ground that was indistinguishable for AI sensors in the drone brain? Or something else? Nobody knows.

    The most funny of this sad story at the end was the reaction of the drone producer (Zero Zero Robotics) when I claimed such a bug and strange behaviour of the drone what causes loosing it in the fog, high attitude and nearby forrest when I used their product for its essential purpose – recording me and my family during the outside sport activities.

    Their answer was in the meaning – Are you mad? Using this drone in so improper environments? Did you read the enclosed terms & conditions (T&C)? In the T&C we clearly state that you “can’t use the drone in rain, fog, lighting, hail, storm, winds, or any other weather. Also avoid flying over surfaces with solid colour (!), reflective or transparent, moving surfaces, strong sound absorption, irregular or unclear texture, repetitive textures, inclines and snow”. We even send you the copy of the subjected articles from our T&C. (attached).
    If you don’t follow those instructions we don’t take any responsibility for any damages and losses.

    Could you show me a single place on the planet which precisely meets such conditions?!

    So if I got it right the only proper and suggested usage of the drone is in very unique laboratory conditions without any weather conditions with psychedelic texture on the floor. No outside, no weather, no light, no darkness, no single possible ground texture, no action, no sport, no real life.
    Am I right?
    What is the drone for, anyway?

    The conclusion. The AI is great and emerging topic as well as video object recognition and drone navigation. Unfortunately the application of it in this particular product is not good enough to fulfil its very essential purpose – to record sport and adventure recordings. And the responsibility feelings of the product maker is simply childish and it’s a no-go for anyone who is thinking about buying such a product.

    • prano Youtuber

      it didn’t even return? i think you would’ve better gone with the spark or the beebop 2. it willl return as soon as it looses connection.