A drone is an unmanned aircraft that is piloted remotely. Originating in the military before spreading out to commercial, agricultural and recreational use, drones are rapidly becoming more and more popular as a fun way to take to the skies. If you want to jump aboard this growing trend, read on for a look at some of the best drones to buy this holiday season – 2016 and 2017!

10 best drones to buy this Holiday Season 2016/2017!

We’ve split the list into two easy categories to accommodate all budgets and skill levels — under $500 and under $200! (plus a bonus in the end!).

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List 1: Under $500

#1 DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone – $429

Best drones to buy this Halloween: DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Key Features:

-Stunning FHD+ video: Take 2.7K HD videos and 12mp images with the aerial camera.

-Advanced Stability: The gimbal stabilization technology provides impressive movie-quality results even for beginners.

-720P Live Feed: Even the video stream sent to your phone will be in stunning 720P Hd quality.

-GPS Assistance: Built in GPS assists you to fly safely so you can focus on getting the shots you want.

-Multiple Camera Modes: Switch between different camera perspectives with the Point of Interest, Follow Me and Waypoints modes.


If you considered 25 minutes of flight time a drawback, then you’re in luck as the DJI Phantom 3 comes with an extra battery to double your flying fun.

Final Thoughts

The DJI Phantom 3 comes with everything you need for a fantastic drone experience. The impressive stabilization in particular is a huge benefit to capture beautiful sweeping shots from high above the ground.

#2 Chroma Drone 4K with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal – $349

Best drones to buy this Halloween: Blade Chroma

Key Features:

-Smart Mode: Beginners can have a safe maiden flight with the built in Smart Mode that prevents you from flying too close to yourself or others next to you.

-Stabilization: The Advanced Stabilization Technology allows for steady flying even in harsh windy weather.

-30mins flight time: The Chroma Flight-Ready drone has the longest battery life on our list with an impressive 30 minutes of flight time.


Like the DJI Phantom 2, the Chroma doesn’t come supplied with it’s own camera. However, it offers impressive smooth flying, ready to capture amazing shots when you do connect a camera.

Final Thoughts

Designed for easy use for both pros and beginners, the Chroma is an impressive drone that will fly steady even in harsh conditions.

#3 DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter – $339!


Key Features:

-Wind Resistance: The DJI Phantom holds up great even with strong winds threatening to blow it off course.

-25mins + flight time: The 5200mAh Lipo battery allows for excellent flight time of 25-30 minutes so you can make the most of your flight.

-Failsafe: If you lose control, simply switch off the controller and the DJI Phantom’s failsafe will kick in, returning it to where it took off from.


The DJI Phantom 2 doesn’t come with a camera but is fully compatible with one. I’d recommend buying one along with it so you can record the excellent shots that this drone will provide.

Final Thoughts

This drone is as suitable for beginners as it is professionals. An excellent drone will wonderful flight stability that is fun and easy to use.

#4 Hubsan X4 H501s Brushless FPV Quad – $274!

Hubsan H501s

Key Features:

-HD Camera: The 1080P camera captures stunning pictures and video for you to marvel at.

-Automatic Return Function: Don’t worry about losing your drone with this built-in GPS feature that will automatically return the drone to you once it looses connection with the transmitter.

-20mins of flight time: Get more fun out of your drone with the 2700mAH Lipo battery that allows 20 minutes of flying.


I found no real drawbacks with the Hubsan drone, except perhaps that the packaging is not as well padded as it could be, though that’s a very minor issue.

Final Thoughts

The Hubsan drone offers great features and excellent flight stability that will make it a fun and breezy flight.

List 2: Best drones under $200

#1 Blomiky 506HG WIFI FPV 12.0MP Full-HD 1080P RC Quadcopter Drone – $207!

Best drones to buy this Halloween: Blomiky 506HG

Key Features:

-Altitude Hold Mode: High density air pressure sensors allow you to hold the drone steady at your desired height.

-HD Sports Camera: The 1080P HD Sports Camera has a 170° wide angle lens for capturing stunning shots in the air.

-Wifi Support: The Action Camera has a Wifi function support of 10-20 meters for great control from the ground.


This drone may not provide all the features to satisfy a pro but that makes a great option for beginners who want an easy drone to start out with.

Final Thoughts

The Blomiky drone is fun and easy to use with the Altitude Hold in particular being a neat feature to capture steady video with the HD camera.

#2 DBPOWER UDI U842 WiFi FPV Drone with HD Camera – $119!

Best drones to buy this Halloween: UDI RC U842

Key Features:

-Gravity Induction: Like the other DBPOWER drone on this list, you can control your drone in correspondence to your phone’s angle.

-Headless Mode: Headless mode makes it easier to control your flight direction.

-Low Voltage Alarm: When you’re drone is losing power; an alarm will ring alerting you to lower it to the ground so you can avoid crashes.


Like the other DBPOWER drone, the UDI U842 only features about 10 minutes of battery life. However, this is easily remedied by the extra battery supplied so you can double your flying time.

Final Thoughts

The UDI U842 is a step up from the U818A featuring all the same great features but with an extra battery to double your fun.

#3 DBPOWER UDI U818A WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone – $129

Best drones to buy this Halloween: UDI RC U818A

Key Features:

-FPV Real Time Transmission: The DBPOWER drone allows for a live video feed transmission sent directly to your phone via Wifi, so you can feel like you’re flying through the air with it.

-Gravity Induction: Downloading the app to your phone allows for total control in flying. Connected through Wifi, your drone will mimic the angle of your phone so if you turn your phone left, the drone will turn left too.

-Multi-Axis Gyro Stability: The 6-way axis offers great stability and allows for fun 360° flips.


The only drawback with the U818A drone is that the battery only last about 10 minutes. However, after 10 minutes, you’ll be so eager to review the stunning pictures and video captured that it won’t pose much of a setback.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this product, especially for beginners, as the phone app allows for excellent control when flying.

#4 Bonus — SKULL DRONE!

This one really isn’t designed for a features v/s drawbacks showdown! Get one if you want to scare the wits out of your neighbours and family. PS: We will not be held responsible for high blood pressure and heart attack complaints. 😉