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MJX seem serious about nano drones; debut the MJX X929H


The Cheerson CX-10 series of quadcopters has ruled the roost for a couple of years (or more) as far as nano drones are concerned. It seems as though other makers are gradually starting to take up the challenge; MJX are doing so with the new MJX X929H altitude hold quadcopter.

If you’ve been reading RC Drone Arena like you should, you will realise that the X929H is simply the non-FPV version of the MJX X909T. It’s still the same tiny cute flying egg (or pig?) that it was, but a lot more affordable at $22.

MJX X929H Drone: Features and Photos

MJX X929H drone

Features of the MJX X929H quadcopter include headless mode flights (a feature that’s present in every God damned thing these days), altitude hold mode, 360-degree flips, and the usual stuff. It comes with a set of removable prop guards, making it easier for newbies to learn on. More experienced pilots can take the prop guards off in exchange of some extra flight time (due to the reduced weight).

MJX X929H drone dimensions
The tiny drone measures 77 x 77 x 36 mm

Speaking of flight times, the MJX X929H features a 250mAh battery (according to the spec sheet), which should give it a flight time of around 5 minutes.

Looking at the chassis, the factory seems to be using the same body as that of the indoor FPV X909T, minus the FPV gear and camera, of course. With time, you can expect a camera-supported version of the X929H to debut. Meanwhile, the X929H will go against the mighty (in stature, not size) Cheerson CX-10D.

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All this, for just $22 shipped.

We’ll have an MJX X929H for testing and review in the next few days, stay tuned!