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FAQ: What is Singles’ Day, and why you should care!


Surprised by the title? You should be, because we don’t usually carry such stuff on RC Drone Arena. Anyway, now that you’re here, why don’t we discuss what Singles’ Day really means?

Let’s do it in a FAQ-style questionnaire!

Thankfully, unlike Valentines’ Day, people have no time to make such memes on Singles’ Day because they’e busy online-shopping.
  1. What is Singles’ Day?

    In a nutshell, Singles’ Day (Guanggun Jie in Chinese) is the┬átime when singles (i.e., people not committed into relationships) celebrate the fact that they’re single. It’s quite a big thing in China, and as Wikipedia would tell you, it’s been going on┬ásince 1993.

  2. When is Singles’ Day celebrated?

    It’s celebrated on the 11th of November, simply for the fact that the date represents four ‘singles’ (11.11).

  3. Why are we at RC Drone Arena concerned about a festival celebrated (mostly) by Chinese college-goers, that don’t even have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

    Well, because Singles’ Day is also a huge online shopping festival in China, and almost all of the quadcopters and drones that you see and fly come from China. Here’s a list of stores in China that will have 11.11 sales going on.

    What is Singles' Day

  4. How big is Singles’ Day as a shopping event?

    According to independent research firms, Singles’ Day in 2014 saw sales of online goods of nearly $10bn, which is more than twice the sum of the goods sold online at Cyber Monday and Black Friday the same year!

  5. What does this mean for you?

    In a very matter-of-fact way, this means that you might be able to purchase quadcopters and drones for not a lot of money!

You’ll most certainly find some really interesting deals if you look around. Gearbest, for example, has some promotions going on such as their ‘Sales Storm‘, ‘Gift Rain‘ and ‘Coupon‘ promotions.

You definitely don’t have to look around too much to find similar deals in other places!

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