Home Launch JJRC Elfie/JJRC H37 is a clone of the Zerotech Dobby foldable drone

JJRC Elfie/JJRC H37 is a clone of the Zerotech Dobby foldable drone


It’s quite apparent that foldable drones are going to be the flavour of choice this season (we’ve even compiled a list of the best foldable drones). One of the first foldable drones to be made available commercially was the Zerotech Dobby. It fits in your pocket, is easy to control, and works with a smartphone — quite the recipe to a brilliant and easy solution. However, at around $350, the Zerotech Dobby is a tad pricey for folks just looking to take some aerial selfies. Enter the JJRC Elfie or JJRC H37… a drone that’s a doppelgänger of the Dobby, minus its high-end features.

What is the JJRC Elfie / JJRC H37?

JJRC Elfie JJRC H37 foldable droneThe quadcopter is simply what I’d call a ‘toy’ version of the Zerotech Dobby.

That said — while its camera is still untested — if it’s even as good as the camera on the Cheerson CX-10C, it’d be perhaps worth a buy at anything under $100.

Interestingly, it’s been listed for a mere $44 right now. For that much, it might be worth getting one to just quench your curiosity!

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the JJRC H37 or the JJRC Elfie:

JJRC Elfie / H37 features & photos

You can click on these photos of the JJRC Elfie to enlarge them.

The brand seems to have tried to make it as close to a working selfie drone as possible. It comes with the following features:

  • Phone control
  • WiFi FPV (click here to know what WiFi FPV means)
  • Headless mode (click here to know what it means)
  • One Key Return (click here to know what it means)
  • G-Sensor control (in simple words, tilt your phone to control the drone)
  • Flips
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The JJRC Elfie features a 500mAh battery along with brushed motors, which give it a flight time of around 8-15 minutes (according to the manufacturer). We’ll try to get a sample to check how good the real-life flight times are.

The main points of difference between the JJRC H37 and the Zerotech Dobby would be – brushed vs brushless motors, lack of GPS, non-adjustable camera angle, etc.

Anyway, you can get on for $44 from GearBest.