A few days ago I received the new Hubsan Q4 H002 nano in the mail. Interestingly, this is the first Hubsan RC quadcopter I’d be testing, so I was eager to get my hands on it and see how it flies.

Let’s talk about that, and more in the Hubsan Q4 H002 review

Hubsan Q4 H002 review

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

The Hubsan H002 comes in a very attractive red box that nicely displays the quadcopter through a clear plastic “window”. The moment you pick up the box you can can see why Hubsan is quickly becoming one of leading brands in RC drones. The box is very sturdy, nicely labeled and overall just looks very attractive.

Hubsan Q4 H002 review packaging (top view)
Hubsan H002 packaging (top view)
Hubsan Q4 H002 review packaging (front view)
Hubsan Q4 H002 packaging (front view)

Upon opening the box you are presented with the quadcopter which is held in place by several clear rubberbands which are easily removed. On each side of the quad are storage spots for both the USB charging cable and the extra propellers. Located below the quadcopter is the controller.

Hubsan Q4 H002 packaging inside (top view)

Hubsan Q4 H002 Packaging inside bottom contents

As previously mentioned, the H002 comes with a USB charging cable and an extra set of propellers. However it doesn’t come with a microSD card so you’ll have to provide one yourself.

The controller is a standard nano size that is similar to those used by many other nanos such as the Cheerson CX-10. It’s a bit small for an adult, but gets the job done. However, it’s ideally sized for a younger person with smaller hands… so it’d make for a great beginner drone.

Hubsan Q4 H002 review: transmitter
Hubsan H002 transmitter

The controller is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The flight controls for flying in mode 2 are standard, though the only trim button that functions for trimming is the pitch trim. The rest of the secondary controls are a bit unique and may take some getting used to.

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The roll trim functions as the on/off recording button for the video. A long press on the right control stick will take a photo. The rear lights on the quad will flash once when you take a picture and will flash continuously when you are recording video.

The video/photos are saved to the microSD card which fits in the side of the the H002. To enter headless mode, you do a quick press on the left stick… while a quick press on the right stick changes rates (low/high).

To execute 3D flips, you do a long press on the left stick. To calibrate the gyros you hold the left stick down and to the right while moving the right stick in a (left, right, left, right) motion until the LED’s start flashing.

The calibration sequence is bizarre, in my opinion. I have no idea why they didn’t simply use a more traditional stick combination such as both sticks down and right or something similar to that.  It’d been nice if Hubsan had used a custom controller with additional buttons so one doesn’t have to resort to all these unique button combinations to access extra controls but in the end it’s not too bad once you have flown it a few times.

Hubsan Q4 H002 microSD slot

As mentioned, the camera records directly to the microSD card that fits in the side of the quad. The camera is only 480p SD resolution but it records surprisingly good video with very vivid colors (as you’ll see in my flight video) if flown in good lighting.

To power on the Hubsan H002, you press and hold the power button tab on the rear bottom until the LED’s start flashing. The H002 also has nice LED’s that are located behind each motor pod. The front LED’s are blue and the rear are red.

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Hubsan Q4 H002 LED's

Hubsan Q4 H002 – Flight Characteristics

The Hubsan H002 is an extremely stable and flyer. It’s easy to fly in both low and high rates. The yaw does increase when switching to high rate. It flies very smooth and can even be flown outdoors in a slight breeze especially in high rate, as you’ll see in my flight review video.

I’ve found the Hubsan H002 to be one of the best flying nano quadcopter I own. You can expect an impressive total flight time of approximately 6:15 with a 25 second low voltage alarm in which the quad’s LEDs will flash letting you know it’s time to land.

The H002 seems to have good range too though with it being a nano I’ve yet to push its range since it’d be easy to lose sight of it. So let’s move along to my flight review video so you can better see just how great these nano flies.

Summing it up…


  • Superb flyer, extremely Stable
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Records video to microSD card
  • Good flight time of over 6 mins


  • Limited buttons on controller makes flight options a bit difficult to access (3D flips, Headless mode, photos, rates).
  • Gyro calibration is a bit unusual

Overall the Hubsan Q4 H002 is a nice little camera nano. It flies nicely, takes above average video despite only being standard definition and has impressive flight time. I highly recommend this quadcopter to anyone that wants a stable flying drone that can fly both indoors and out.

Though due to its smooth and stable flying abilities I think the Hubsan H002 is an ideal quadcopter for anyone wanting to get into the hobby and needs to learn how to fly. The Hubsan Q4 H002 can be purchased from Hobbywow.