MJX X929H quadcopter

Welcome to the article #3 in the #FreshGoods series where we give our readers a quick update as to what’s just arrived at the office and thus, what kind of content they can expect to see on RC Drone Arena in the near future!

Since the last #FreshGoods iteration, we’ve posted reviews of the following:

Fresh Goods #3 – 18th November 2016

This time around we’ve a special focus on stuff that you would fly around in a cold, winter evening… which means only one thing: indoor FPV! Keep reading to know what all has landed at the office!

1. Custom 100mm brushed build with KingKong Q100

KingKong Q100 brushed build

UPDATE: KingKong Q100 Build log and video now up.

After being bitten by the micro FPV bug, I decided to build a brushed micro FPV quadcopter of my own. This I’m doing with a KingKong Q100 mm brushed frame. Here are all the parts being used:

  1. KingKong Q100 brushed frame $5
  2. F3 EVO brushed flight controller$15.89
  3. Chaoli 8520 motors – $3.59 x 4 = $14.36
  4. Walkera Ladybird propellers – 5 sets = $8.39
  5. Flysky FS-A8S micro receiver$12.99
  6. FXT FX798T AIO camera$39.68
  7. Generic prop guards (optional) – $2.35
  8. 600mAh generic LiPo$6.99/2 pcs

Total cost of build: $105.65

The FS-A8S should hopefully give better range than the iRangeX receiver that the QX series ships with.

2. Eachine Tiny QX95

Eachine Tiny QX95

Yet another indoor FPV gem. It’s made out of a full carbon fiber frame and uses 8520 motors like it’s other QX siblings, the QX80 and the QX90. And like those two, it’s CleanFlight compatible, features a 25mW FPV camera and 600mAh batteries.

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Out of the entire QX series of quadcopters, the QX95 seems so far the most outdoor flyable. More in the review in the coming days!

The Eachine Tiny QX95 comes from Banggood.

3. MJX X929H

MJX X929H quadcopter

UPDATE: MJX X929H review now live!

It’s been a while since I flew a nano toy quadcopter. HobbyWow offered me one to test, and I decided to take it up. For those who’ve been reading RC Drone Arena lately, the X929H is basically the altitude hold mode and non-FPV version of the MJX X909T.

It’s easy to fly and should make for a great gift for beginners and intermediates to hone their skills on before moving to a more expensive quadcopter.

The MJX X929H comes from HobbyWow.

Summing it up

It’s been a crazy few weeks at RC Drone Arena, with Pierre (features and lists), myself (news and reviews), Ryan (reviews) and Akshay (news) working as much as possible to deliver the newest and the most fresh content to our readers.

The previous reviews got a bit delayed because I’d been on a bit of a trip with some really old friends of mine. A little sneak peek:

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As always, you can request any new stuff that you would like to see on RC Drone Arena… we’ll be more than happy to try and cover the topic for you. Until then!