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Top 10 drone deals for under $100


Are you looking to buy a new drone but you’re not sure with which one to go? Then we come to your rescue, we’ve have found the best j deals for under $100.

If you have a tighter budget then check out our best drones under $50 list as well! We also have a deals list of the best drones you can purchase from Amazon this Black Friday.

So… let’s get started! Below is the list of the top 10 Black Friday drone deals for under $100.

Top 10 Black Friday drone deals for under $100

1. Yizhan Tarantula X6 BIG Drone- $50

Top 5 Best Drones for Beginners Under $50: Yizhan Tarantula X6


The Tarantula X6 is a legend in the drones market, it’s been of the best beginner quadcopter for thousands of people and it continues to be for new comers. The Tarantula X6 is powerful and fast, which means tons of fun, even more so if you’re a beginner.

The quadcopter comes with an high power 7.4V 1200mAh battery which allows the Tarantula X6’s great performances we know of. It’s also possible to mount an additional camera for aerial footage.

At this price you shouldn’t miss it!

2. WLtoys V686G FPV Drone- $54.99

wltoys v686g


This deal on the WLtoys V686G is also pretty amazing, as the quadcopter costs almost double everywhere else. The WLtoys V686G can do FPV out of the box, indeed it comes with a 5.8Ghz 2.0MP HD camera and a monitor mounted on the transmitter, if you’ve never tried FPV flying then it’s time to begin!

The battery is relatively small at 730mAh and gives around 8 minutes of flight time, so pick up some extra batteries if you go with this one.

3. Hubsan X4 H502E GPS Drone – $78

Hubsan 502 E_result


The Hubsan X4 H502E is an advanced drone with GPS positioning and One Key return function, that means the drone can automatically return to the initial launch position. Thanks to the built-in GPS the drone can also hover very precisely and hold the altitude effortlessly.

The quadcopter features a 720p camera for taking photos and videos, the 7.4V 610mAh included battery allows the Hubsan X4 H502E to fly for about 12 minutes, which is really impressive.

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The Hubsan X4 H502E will cost even less on the 27th ($69.99), so watch out for that!

4. JJRC H11WH Drone – $58.63



The JJRC H11WH is a WiFi FPV quadcopter and it can record videos through the included 2.0MP camera. Being only via WiFi you don’t get the range, responsiveness and quality you get on 5.8Ghz but it could be ok if you’re new to drones and FPV. The drone can also be piloted through a smartphone app if you so desire.

The H11WH features altitude hold and that should help when recording videos or taking photos. Other than that, it packs a 3.7V 1100mAh which gives this drone an autonomy of 7 minutes.

5. Syma X8W Explorer Drone – $79.99

Syma X8W Explorers


Just like the previous one, also the Syma X8W is a WiFi FPV drone. You can see what the quadcopter sees through the app on your smartphone but this time you can’t pilot it, which is probably a good thing. The Syma X8W is a great flyer and is very stable, this makes it good for taking aerial footage, because of this and its looks, people call it the Phantom 3 clone.

The Syma X8W comes with an hefty 7.4V 2000mAh battery but due to the big size, it sports an average flight time of 7 minutes, not the best around.

6. KAIDENG K70C GoPro Compatible Drone – $70



The KAIDENG K70C is a sporty looking drone with a camera attached to it, the camera mount can also swivel up and down through remote command (as you see in the GIF). The quadcopter comes with a 2.0MP camera but you can swap that with something like a GoPro Hero, check out the dimensions if you’re going to place another camera in there, though.

Other than that, it also features altitude hold and some more basic drone functionalities. The KAIDENG K70C can fly for around 9-10 with the 7.4V 1800mAh battery included.

7. MJX X101 GoPro Compatible Drone – $55

MJX X101_result-1


This drone is another of those with which you can’t go wrong. It has an amazing build quality, it’s fast with its four coreless motors and it’s a very stable flyer. The MJX X101 can easily accomodate an additional camera without problems whatsoever and because of the previously mentioned features it should give pretty good results.

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The 7.4V 1200mAh battery ensures the X101 a flight time of about 10 minutes, which is good everything considered.

8. JXD 510G FPV Drone – $76.09

JXD 510W & JXD 510G RC Drones Quadcopter


The JXD 510G is an FPV drone with real time video transmission and Air Pressure Altitude. Other features include One Key return and One Key taking off / landing as well as the ordinary Headless Mode and 3D rolls. The quadcopter comes with a built-in camera which then sends its video to the included monitor placed on the transmitter.

The drone packs a small 600mAh capacity battery which should give an autonomy of around 8-10 minutes on paper, in our review of the JXD 501G it didn’t give such results, though.

9. XK Alien X250 Drone – $76



This is one of the best deals in here, $76.96 for such a good looking and an high quality 5.8Ghz FPV drone. Additionally you can also record videos and photos, other than just streaming it in real time to the transmitter mounted monitor.

The XK Alien X250 can be controlled at a distance of up to 200 meters and can fly for about 12 minutes, which is a lot considering the battery is just 780mAh, this is a proof of the highly aerodynamic design present on this drone.

10. SYMA X5UW WiFi Drone – $64.99

syma x5uw


The SYMA X5UW is a recently launched FPV drone which transmits video to your smartphone through WiFi. The quadcopter has a neat feature called “Flight Plan” with which you can draw a route with your finger on the smartphone and the drone will automatically follow the path you created. You can also control the SYMA X5UW through the smartphone app, use One Key take off/landing and Altitude Hold.

The quadcopter comes with a 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery and a flight time of around 7 minutes.

Top 10 Black Friday Drone deals for Under $100

This is it for our Black Friday shopping suggestions. If you went with any if these deals let us know in the comments below. You can also tell us some if we have missed them!