Crazepony Makerfire Tiny Whoop alternative BNF Edition with F3 FC

We’ve already seen a bunch of Tiny Whoop alternatives available for purchase. All of these feature the ability to do indoor FPV, but some don’t quite have the ‘ducted’ charm of the original Tiny Whoop (or the Blade Inductrix FPV, for that matter).

This new quadcopter drone selling on Amazon for $60 seems to have been built for the kill. It’s being sold as the ‘Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite’ quadcopter. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, it’s based on the Eachine E010 (aka the JJRC H36, among a few others).

Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite Tiny Whoop Alternative: Pricing & Features

Crazepony Makerfire Tiny Whoop alternative RTF version

At $60, the¬†Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite isn’t a bad deal at all. It features and on-board FPV camera, upgraded motors, and more. Here’s a little breakdown of prices:

  • Eachine E010/JJRC H36: $15
  • Special sauce edition motors: $20
  • 25mW AIO FPV camera: $30-40

Total = $65-75 (depending on what FPV AIO camera you choose)

Compared to the Blade Inductrix FPV BNF ($99), it’s still cheaper. In addition, you get a controller to control it with! As for the FPV monitor/headset, the KDS Kylin Vision is a great choice.

The Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite quadcopter is selling on Amazon for $60, which makes it a decent deal. Besides the above mentioned differences from stock E010/H36, the Makerfire edition also features a higher-capacity battery, rated at 35C 200mAh.

According to Makerfire, this battery gives the quadcopter a flight time of about 3min 40sec, which isn’t shabby at all.

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Makerfire BNF Tiny Whoop with F3 EVO Brushed Flight Controller

If you wish to have more control over your Tiny Whoop indoor quadcopter, you can choose to go with the BNF version of the Makerfire Tiny Whoop. It’ll set you back by an extra few bucks (at $82), but will feature an SPRacing F3 EVO based flight controller with support for DSM2-based transmitters (Spektrum).

That said, the BNF version does not come with special sauce motors, but it does the same 25mW AIO FPV camera. You can purchase the BNF version of the Makerfire Tiny Whoop here.

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