I’ve lately been really hooked up to indoor FPV and have been flying a lot of different quads that do indoor FPV. To name a few — the QX80, QX90, QX95, and now, the KingKong Q100.

The KingKong Q100 is a $5 frame. As you would expect from a frame priced that much, it isn’t made out of carbon fiber or even glass fiber. It’s built from good old plastic, and honestly, I think that’s good enough for a 1S micro brushed quadcopter. After all, how fast can it really go for it to require the robustness of CF?

KingKong Q100 FPV Drone Build

Anyway, coming back to the KingKong Q100, it does come in an ARF kit that you can purchase for ~$50. However, I chose to build it with components of my choice, which were the following:

1. Frame – KingKong Q100
2. FPV AIO Camera – FX798T
3. Flight Controller – F3 EVO Brushed
4. Motors – Chaoli 8520
5. Props – Walkera Ladybird
6. Receiver – Flysky FS-A8S
7. Battery – 600mAh 1S generic

I’ve had half a dozen flights with it so far, and I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit. Surprisingly, the stock Cleanflight PIDs work really well on this build — so much so that I’ve not had to tweak a single setting yet!

The Flysky FS-A8S seems to be working very well too. It’s certainly offering a much better range compared to the iRangeX Tiny Flysky receiver.

In the coming posts and videos I’ll be talking more about the KingKong Q100 and the FS-A8S, so stay tuned! Subscribe the RC Drone Arena YouTube channel to stay on top of all this info.

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