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FuriBee’s F36 is yet another Tiny Whoop wannabe


We’ve already seen a bunch of Blade Inductrix clones in the JJRC H36, Eachine E010, Nihui NH010 and others. We now have another one to choose from, and this time it’s under the brand name of FuriBee — the FuriBee F36.

FuriBee F36 Tiny Whoop top
The FuriBee F36 quadcopter.

Not much has changed. In fact, the quadcopter probably comes from the same facilities as the other few mentioned here. Like earlier, the only thing differentiating the FuriBee F36 from its very close cousins is the colour scheme. The F36 comes in either orange or Cyan.

As for pricing, the F36 is priced at $15. However, it’s only on pre-order at the moment, and should begin shipping in a day or two (the listing says it’ll start shipping 30th November).

It has the same 150mAh battery as the H36, etc. This makes the FuriBee F36 yet another contender to a Tiny Whoop alternative; you only need to slap on an FPV AIO camera to get going on some indoor FPV fun.

Anyway, interested parties can purchase the FuriBee F36 from Everbuying.

FuriBee F36 Photos

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