MJX X929H prop guards on

MJX sell their RC products in stores throughout the world. They’re best known for their high-quality, low-priced items, most of which are targeted at kids and beginners (in the case of drones). Today we’ll be looking at another one of their products, in the MJX X929H review.

You can purchase an X929H from HobbyWOW.

MJX X929H Review

MJX X929H headlight

Let’s start this review with a quick look over the specifications sheet of this quadcopter.


  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 7.7 x 3.6 cm
  • Battery: 250mAh (built-in)
  • Flight time: 4-5 minutes
  • Charging time: ~40 minutes
  • Transmitter range: 20-30m
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return Mode

Quite clearly, the size, and the fact that the quadcopter has altitude hold mode, are the USP of the aircraft. With that, the MJX X929H is going against the likes of Cheerson’s CX-10 series of quadcopters, among other competition.

What the MJX X929H definitely has over the CX-10 would be the ‘cute’ score — the X929H (and therefore, the X909T) is probably the most eye-catching nano quadcopter drone out there!

MJX X929H quadcopter

Here’s the stuff you get inside the box:

  • MJX X929H quadcopter
  • Controller
  • USB lead (micro USB)
  • Propeller guards
  • 2 x spare propellers
  • User’s Manual

All in a neat and tidy box, that’s presented well (and would make for a great gift).

Was I impressed with the packaging and build quality of the items in the box? Definitely. At that moment, the quadcopter definitely looked worthy of its asking price.


The MJX X929H also comes with a slew of lights on its body. This includes a white ‘headlight’ on the front, and coloured LEDs on each arm (red on the front, blue on the rear). This makes the X929H a quadcopter that you can fly even in the dark, which is something pretty cool.

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Flight Experience

Since this a quadcopter that features altitude hold mode, flying it is extremely easy. It also makes for a really nice learning platform, where first timers can get a grip over the dynamics of flying a quadcopter.

The X929H comes with a system that’s a little different. You can’t just hit take off to be in the air; you’re first required to ‘arm’ the motors by pressing the tiny button the center on the controller. After this, you can push the left stick up (on a mode 2 transmitter) to get the MJX X929H flying in the air.

MJX X929H mid air

Letting go of the throttle stick will make the X929H hold it’s lateral position in the air (more or less). Since it’s a really small barometer and indoor environment, you can expect the X929H to move around a few centimetres every now and then. It definitely won’t hold it’s position in space without moving a millimetre!

The X929H is a rather slow flier, and thus suitable for larger indoor environments. For a beginner, I would certainly recommend practising flying the X929H in a 15 x 15 room at least. The more advanced pilots can use the faster mode (press in the left stick) to get a bit more angle on pitch and roll.

In a nutshell, I’d say the X929H is a slow flier. Installing the prop guards makes it even slower, but it’s certainly a welcome addition for first-time fliers.

MJX X929H props

The company claims the quadcopter can do 4-5 minutes of flight time, which is absolutely true, at least in my case. That is of course, when you’re flying indoors; the MJX X929H is really not a great quadcopter to fly outdoors in the slightest winds.

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MJX X929H controller

The transmitter that ships in the box is a rather small one, designed mainly for small hands. You’ll need to use your thumbs to move the sticks, no ‘pinching’ possible one this one.

Like mentioned earlier, the transmitter is definitely a tad bit small for adults (which happen to be doing most of the quadcopter flying). That said, it is usually the case with almost all nano quadcopters out there…

It takes a couple of AA batteries which is great (most other nano quadcopter transmitters take AAA), and range is sufficient enough for you to never really run out of it.

MJX X929H Review




  • Affordable
  • Altitude hold mode works well
  • Headless mode works well
  • Micro USB charging lead (very common and easy to replace)
  • Decent flight time


  • Slow flier
  • Struggles outdoors

The pros/cons list really sums it up. The MJX X929H is for you, if you are: (i) a first time quadcopter pilot, (ii) looking for a quadcopter to pass your time with while your real drone charges, (iii) looking for something to gift someone young (<15 years).

I don’t see people outside of the sections mentioned above going for the MJX X929H quadcopter.

Anyway, interested parties can get the drone from HobbyWOW.