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LP90: A brushless FPV racing drone with full propeller protection


Here’s a new tiny brushless FPV racing drone for micro drone pilots — the LP90. The LP90 FPV drone comes with a 90mm wheelbase, an F3 6DOF flight controller and its frame is made of carbon fiber, and thus it should be pretty light as well (its weight hasn’t been released yet).

The on-board camera is a 25mW AIO with FX798T transmitter, which according to us is the best micro AIO solution for quadcopters this size. Besides, it comes with DYS1104 brushless motors, which should make it way faster than brushed quadcopters in its category (quadcopters like the Tiny QX90, Tiny QX80, etc.).

LP90 FPV Drone Specifications


Below are the specifications of the LP90 according to the manufacturer.

  • Item NO.: LP90
  • Material: Pure carbon fiber
  • Top board thickness: 0.8mm
  • Bottom board thickness: 1.0mm
  • Motor: DYS1104
  • ESC: LittleBee 12A
  • Flight Control: F3 6DOF
  • Paddle: 3020
  • Trasmitter: FX798T

LP90 Pricing and Photos

The LP90 comes at the stiff price of $182.99 over at Banggood. There are a lot of brushless micro quadcopters coming up, most likely to quench the thirst of indoor FPV pilots after the advent of the Tiny Whoop.

That said, you can expect to see brushless micros for around the $100 mark in a couple of months or so — I hope I don’t get proven wrong!

Another brushless ducted drone you could be interested reading about is the Eachine Aurora 90.

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