Hubsan X4 AIR Pro H501A

We’ve just got info about a new Hubsan drone which will be part of their X4 lineup, in the Hubsan X4 AIR Pro H501A drone. This upcoming quadcopter will feature GPS positioning and smart flight features such as: Follow Me, Orbit mode and Waypoints mission.

The Hubsan H501A packs a 1080p Full HD camera on the front which will take photos and record videos, it will also stream videos either through WiFi or 5.8GHz connection.

For these reasons, the factory will also release a smartphone app to control the quadcopter which is called X-Hubsan. According to the leaked specs, the Hubsan X4 AIR Pro will pack a 2700mAh (same as the H501s) battery with a flight time of about 20 minutes.

The X4 AIR Pro will look to one up the Hubsan X4 H501s, which happens to be one of the best entry-level GPS drones on the market as of today.

Hubsan X4 AIR Pro H501A: Specifications and Features

  • Item Name: Hubsan X4 H501A quadcopter drone
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Flying time: ~20 minutes
  • Quadcopter battery: 2700mAh LiPo
  • Color: Golden Black
  • Waypoint (Mission planner)
  • Built-in 1920 x 1080P HD camera
  • Built-in GPS positioning system
  • Headless mode function
  • Follow me function
  • 2 configurations: X4 Air + Cellphone + Relay / X4 Air + Transmitter (Option)

Hubsan X4 AIR Pro H501A: Pricing and Photos

The Hubsan X4 AIR Pro is still not available for purchase but you can get updates from Banggood if you’re interested. The listing price is $229.99 at the time of writing.

The drone however is yet to be officially announced. We’re also trying to keep up with the factory, meanwhile! If it does get announced for the aforementioned price of $229.99, I’m pretty sure its going to be another blockbuster drone, especially in the intermediate pilot category.

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  • UkausB

    I dont find any Hubsan app in the play store!

    • The H501A isn’t ‘officially’ official yet (for whatever that means; according to the Hubsan rep we chatted with). Expect the app to go live once Hubsan make a proper announcement about the H501A.