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HoverBot Nano: 90mm brushless micro FPV Tiny Whoop contender!

HoverBot Nano

HoverBot just launched what appears to be their first ever quadcopter frame, i.e. the HoverBot Nano. As the name may suggest the HoverBot Nano is indeed a micro quadcopter which features a very cool and new frame design created by two engineering students from Seattle.

The ultra-light carbon fiber frame makes this little puppy weigh about 40 grams in total, including the prop-guard (carbon fiber!). The HoverBot Nano is designed to fly both indoor and outdoor with a lifetime warranty on all the carbon fiber parts (yay)!

According to the creators, the frame is very crash-resistant, and has a thickness of 2mm. It is been made through a CNC machining process. Oh and it works with brushless motors, for the extra oomph (and mph)!

HoverBot Nano

HoverBot Nano: Specifications

  • 90mm wheelbase
  • HoverBot Nano Frame Kit
  • Piko BLX Micro Flight Controller
  • HB1103 8000KV Brushless Motor
  • RS6A 1-2s 6A BLHeli_S ESC
  • 56mm Flexible Propeller Set
  • 90 Degree Male JST-PH Adapter
  • VM275T Nano 5.8GHz FPV System
  • 3D Printed VM275t Mount

If instead you only want the frame and pick other components yourself here’s what they recommend:

  • 1103 motors
  • 6A 1-2s ESCs
  • Piko BLX or other 20×20 mount FC
  • VM275t AIO FPV system
  • 450mah 2s NanoTech battery

The final weight of the build depending on the components you add:

  • 33g built with no prop guard
  • 38g built with prop guard
  • 54g AUW with 300 mAh 2s
  • 64g AUW with 450 mAh 2s

Without the prop guard, the HoverBot Nano reminds us a bit of the KingKong Q90.

HoverBot Nano: Pricing and Availability

The HoverBot Nano price goes from $45 for just the home-baked carbon fiber frame, to $225 for the “Line of Sight” kit without FPV, and finally $250 for what may interest you the most, i.e. the “First Person View” kit. It’s available via HoverBot’s in-house store.

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Beware, the kits don’t include battery and receiver, i.e., are sold in BNF form.

What do you guys think about this new nano drone? May it be the final answer to the Tiny Whoop? Let us know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, check out other Tiny Whoop alternatives here, and the HoverBot Nano photos right below!