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GoPro give the Karma drone a ninja relaunch

GoPro Karma

After the drone losing power and falling out of the sky issue that made GoPro recall the Karma, it appears as the action camera world leader is relaunching the Karma drone for $799, that includes a case and grip but no camera.

What’s surprising is the fact that GoPro did not drop the price of the Karma. It was announced at $799 back in November and about 3 months and a DJI Mavic Pro later, it’ll still be on sale at the same price. It almost looks as if they don’t really want to sell these drones! (By the way, the Mavic Pro pretty much trumps the Karma in all aspects.)

Some fans over at GoPro’s Facebok page also noticed the presence of a banner from B&H store which depicts the GoPro Karma on sale starting February 1st.

GoPro Karma on sale

It is also now available directly from GoPro’s official website for $799 and marked as “Now Shipping”.

GoPro went ahead with the relaunch one day before the reveal of their financial results in the last quarter of 2016… which we’re assuming won’t be eye-popping or stellar by any stretch.

Could this “launch” be a signal to the investors that the company has taken the matter in their own hands and everything will sail smoothly from now on?

Well, we sure hope so as GoPro competing in the market can only bring good things to our world! What do guys think about the GoPro Karma situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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