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JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone Review: Sink or Swim?

White version of the H31. It has a very sporty body style.

Spoiler alert; the JJRC H31 sinks. But thanks to its waterproof rating, it can be fully submerged, pulled out of the water, and still fly great. When it lands in the water with the motors off, it quickly starts to fill with water and will eventually start to sink. So, it is important to keep the motors spinning anytime it lands in the water. This will prevent it from drowning.

As a rule of thumb, as long as the props are spinning, it will not sink.

This JJRC H31 is perfect for flying on the beach or other places where you may come in contact with water. It will allow for worry-free flight in any conditions. At the time of writing, the H31 is available at GearBest for only $29, which I think is an extremely low price for such a fun drone.

JJRC H31 Review

Here are the full specifications of the H31 according to the manufacturer:

  • Brand: JJRC
  • Model: H31
  • Motor Type: Brushed Motor
  • Kit Types: RTF
  • Range: 70m or about 230ft
  • Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Lipo Battery
  • Flight Time: 8~10mins
  • Charging Time: About 60mins
Contents of the box

Package Contents:

  • 1x JJRC H31
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 4x Spare Props
  • 4x Prop Guards
  • 2x Landing Gear
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 1x Sunglasses
  • 1x Bag of Screws
  • 1x Chinese/English Manual

Appearance and Design

The H31 is sold in both white and green. It has a very similar appearance to the Yizhan Tarantula.

It is a brushed, sporty quadcopter that is geared under each motor. If you do decide to leave the prop guards off, keep in mind that the gears are exposed and open to the elements. Sticks, leaves, hairs, and other small objects can get stuck in there and cause the motor to stop running. They can also damage the plastic gears. Installing the prop guards will cover the gears and stop anything from getting entangled.

Gears under each arm

The body is made of a very strong plastic that is made to be abused. It is capable of handling all kinds of impact from hitting walls to free falling. It will even keep flying if the props get bent or broken. Talk about durability!

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Flight Characteristics

In low rate, this quad is perfect for training beginners due to it’s slow pitch and yaw. This mode is also ideal for low wind/indoor flight. But, if the wind starts to pick up, this mode definitely won’t be enough to fight it.

Medium rate is the perfect flight mode for an intermediate flyer just looking to fly around. The yaw is a very nice speed and it has an ideal pitch. It also does not draw enough current to overload the battery.

High rate is… rather insane. The yaw is unnecessarily fast; it spins about as fast as a top. The pitch is quite extreme as well. If you fly full pitch forward when you are about halfway into the total flight time, there will be a noticeable voltage sag. The amount of power it draws is just a bit too much for the battery.

Red and green JJRC H31 LEDs

The LEDs on this model are red and green. There is also a red LED on the front that assists in identifying orientation. The lights always flash when the drone is on; they alternate between dim and full brightness. They are a bit hard to see outside in full daylight but at dusk they are very nice.

Waterproof Details

This drone is truly waterproof. I had it fully submerged in water for about 5 minutes and it still came out powered on. I was able to fly it without a problem immediately after pulling it out.

One thing that had me concerned was the fact that the power switch and camera port are open and exposed right on the front of the craft. I thought it might cause a problem when the water hit these components while powered on. I was in fact wrong; water has no effect on them.

Power switch and camera port

Like mentioned above, this drone is prone to filling with water and sinking, so do keep that in mind when dropping it in standing water. The best method to keep it afloat is to maintain power to the motors to keep them spinning.


JJRC H31 battery

The battery in the JJRC H31 is a 400mAh 3.7v 30c. It provides a flight time of about 7 minutes, in my experience. Towards the 5 minute mark, the voltage does start to sag. The low voltage LED flashes start very late and there is not much time to bring it back once they start warning you.

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The battery is actually a surprisingly low capacity for a drone of this size. It is definitely capable of lifting a bigger battery; so, there is a possibility you can find a higher capacity 3.7v battery to use with this drone to get longer, more powerful flights.


Flips are activated by clicking top right button. The flips on this drone are quite impressive, even with the prop guards on.

Headless mode is activated by toggling the yaw trim switch to the right. Headless mode works iffy on this model. The compass starts to get confused after a couple spins and the direction gets skewed.

One Key Return is activated by toggling the yaw trim switch to the left. One key return is similar to headless mode by the way it gets skewed after some yawing. It works, but sometimes it is not the correct direction.

JJRC H31 transmitter

Although there is no camera on this model, it has the port on the drone and transmitter functionality to add one. Pictures are activated by toggling up on the throttle trim and videos are activated by toggling down on the throttle trim.

To calibrate the gyros, put the drone on a level surface, make sure your trims on the transmitter are centered, then pull both sticks down and to the right. You’ll hear a beep and it’s calibrated.

Lastly, the range on this model does not meet up to it’s advertised length. I got maybe 30m (100ft) away from me and it dropped from the sky. It is advertised to go 70m (230ft). I was a bit disappointed, but it’s still enough range to have fun with it outdoors.


JJRC H31 box


  • Waterproof
  • Super easy to fly
  • Stable
  • Great flips
  • Has headless and one key return modes
  • Can withstand a lot of abuse
  • Easy to setup
  • Super low price


  • Will sink if the props are shut off in water
  • Crazy yaw in high rate is hard to control
  • The range is less than advertised

This is a really fun drone overall, especially for the asking price of $29. You can get one at GearBest.

  • 32bucklin

    Great Article Joey well done….looks like a fun little waterproof quadcopter 🙂

  • Bienio

    I was flying with my dron, it fell into the middle of the lake. Do you know it is instantly completely drowning or maybe hover for some time above the bottom? I plan to pick him out, need to know where to search. Besides, great toy for such a price 🙂