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Zerotech Dobby gets an official price cut, new model imminent

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The Zerotech Dobby is known as one of the first truly foldable drones to have gone on sale. The Dobby is still hugely popular and enjoys a large user base throughout the world, despite nearly being a year old on the market.

There have been rumours and leaks about an updated version dubbed the Dobby 2 drone, which is more of a DJI Mavic Pro rival than a tiny pocketable drone. News from the Zerotech HQ now is that the original Dobby is getting a $50 discount, bringing its price down to $349 from the previous asking price of $399.

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This could mean one of the two things:

  1. Manufacturing is getting a lot more inexpensive, and Zerotech are passing on the benefit to the buyer, or
  2. The Zerotech Dobby 2 (or the Dobby AI) is on the way.

You know which one I’m leaning towards!

Time will tell how the next launch pans out. I’m sure there’s still a good 3-4 months before the next Dobby drone becomes available; meanwhile, you can get the current one while you wait.

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  • Steve Lexa

    The original was an amazing basic design. It wasn’t as well executed as it should have been. Gimbal not movable (like the breeze), camera quality not as good as the breeze, EIS needs work, prop noise needs work, jello makes video near unusable, and flight time needs bumped a couple minutes.

    I want to love this thing so bad. I travel for work and would love to capture my travel in a more interesting way. This would be amazing. I think it’s a mistake to copy DJI here. Focus on the design you have and improve it Zerotech! You could make a killing in the price range you’re in!