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DJI Spark leaks & rumours roundup: All you need to know

DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Pro

If you thought the DJI Mavic Pro was a very compact drone to carry around, wait to see the DJI Spark drone — Mavic’s little brother. DJI is set to launch the tiny drone very soon as more images and videos leak daily; but until that day arrives, let’s see what we already know about the drone!

DJI Spark DimensionsDJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Pro

What’s supposedly going to be called the DJI Spark is about half the size of the Mavic Pro when propellers are fully extended. That said, the Spark does not feature foldable arms and it’s going to take up slightly more space compared to the folded up Mavic Pro.

DJI Spark Camera

Camera wise, the DJI Spark will come with a tiny 4K shooter with a 2-axis stabilized gimbal. So unlike what happens on the Mavic Pro, you won’t able to pan horizontally, but will have to rotate the drone to achieve the same result.

Reports say the DJI Spark could be a “selfie drone“, meaning it’ll mostly do everything automatically, you’ll set it to follow you, circle around you and so on; features already available on the Mavic Pro.

Sensors & Ports

The DJI Spark will most likely feature some basic sensors at the front and the bottom of the drone. As we can see in the images, there’s probably an ultrasonic, a vision sensor and four conductive metal pads for “wireless charging” at the bottom, meanwhile the front flat surface presumably hides a vision sensor or more.

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If we get to the back of the Spark we find micro SD or full-on SD card (hard to tell without a reference) and what appears to be an USB Type-C charging/data transferring port, although it might be a similarly looking proprietary plug as well.


Almost everything about the DJI Spark has been leaked, yet we’ve seen no controller. This makes us believe the tiny portable drone will be controlled through a smartphone app via WiFi. Hopefully older DJI controllers will be compatible as well, but if the main goal of the drone is being portable and cheap, we can’t really know for certain.

DJI Spark Price

A Chinese YouTube leakster has just revealed on its channel that the DJI Spark should be costing around $500. It seems as a fair price if the 4K camera will perform at the high quality standards we’re used to see on DJI drones.

Your take?

With all these rumors in the wild, what do you think about the upcoming DJI Spark? If everything were to be confirmed, would you get it for $500? Let us know in the comments section below!

BONUS VIDEO: DJI Spark selfie drone hands on