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DJI Spark: Hands-on video shows up!

DJI Spark Video

Chinese leakster Sami Luo has just posted an video on YouTube of what’s most likely going to be the DJI Spark — the latest ultra-portable drone from the giant drone manufacturer. Let’s have a look at the video!

From the video we can see the DJI Spark will pack a tiny camera attached to a gimbal with what appears to be 2-axis stabilization. Reports say the camera will be able to shoot 4K videos and given the overall small size this could be considered as a selfie drone.

The DJI Sparks will also feature obstacle avoidance on the flat part at the front of the drone. If you’re interested in more news around the drone, check out: DJI Spark — All you need to know!

The leakster said the drone should weight 190 grams without battery and probably cost about $500. Stay tuned to know the latest about the DJI Spark!

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