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Don’t know where to land your drone? Get a $15 landing pad!

Tarmac Landing Pad

Yes, we’re talking about a landing pad for your drone, just like those for helicopters but on a much smaller scale, of course!

This specific landing pad has a diameter of 80cm and it’s good for pretty much every drone out there. The landing pad is a great idea to avoid landing your drone into mud, grass or other surfaces that may arm your aircraft, it doesn’t just look cool.

Tarmac’s landing pad is made of waterproof nylon, it’s foldable (to 30cm) and comes in a bag to carry it around.

Tarmac Landing Pad Specifications

  • Waterproof nylon with stylish outdoor type print, i.e., durable color
  • Foldable. 80cm (unfolded) and 30cm (folded) in diameter
  • Portable. Only 260g, and it comes with a storage bag
  • Big enough for DJI Mavic Pro, Inspire 1/2, Phantom 3/4

Tarmac Landing Pad Pricing and Photos

The Tarmac Landing Pad is priced $14.89 on e-commerce website Gearbest. Honestly it could go for slightly cheaper but given it looks cool and it can save you tens or hundreds of dollars in damages, it might be worth getting one.

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  • Bert

    Seriously? I use a frisbee all the time for that…

    • LOL, that’s one way to go about it certainly!