Home News These are the $2 gadgets that are taking the market by storm…

These are the $2 gadgets that are taking the market by storm…


Got too much ‘stress’ (or simply, way too much time to kill) in life? Well, China is to your rescue… once again.¬†

A new style of ‘stress-reliever’ gadgets are taking the market by storm. These are extremely inexpensive but apparently, a must to have.

These toys go from the super popular spinners to rolling sticks and chain puzzles. At some online stores they have a great selection of the fidget-like spinners which cost a mere $2.09 for the cheapest model in ABS plastic:

…to more premium models made out of copper with stones on top (and a hideous design) for $36.43:

I’m not quite sure what the mechanics behind this is, but apparently loads of people from around the world are lining up to get these.

If you’re an active netizen, you’ll already have noticed a few ads on social media and forums around these ‘stress reliever’ gadgets.

Good thing is, buying some of these is extremely simple and straightforward. You only need a valid address and a credit card… and bam, the greatest invention of 2017 will be soon making it’s journey through 7 seas and a few more oceans to meet you at your doorstep.

Find a collection of these gadgets here. Let me know if you do end up spoiling yourself with one of these…

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