I, like a lot of you, spend a lot of time on the internet every day. Fads come and go, but some stick… and this fad of fidget spinners seems to be one of those.

These fidget spinners or hand spinners or stress reliever spinners are a rather recent entry into the market, and currently sell through a lot of ecommerce giants.

YouTube is full of reviews, hacks and tricks that have to do with these spinners, without anyone really knowing what these are meant to do (do they really help relieve stress?). Take this video for instance:

…or this, talking about unique spinners:

…or this, comparing a $10 spinner to a $100 one:

However, it’s pretty interesting what kind of ‘stunts’ people are doing with these.

What’s good is, you don’t need to invest too much in order to ‘enjoy’ these.

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