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DJI Spark: A behemoth’s take on the selfie drone


DJI are best known as the leaders in the consumer drone market. For long, the brand has focused on producing aerial photography platforms most can use; with change in dynamics in the market, DJI are now looking at aerial photography platforms that anyone can use.

Meet the new DJI Spark, a much-rumoured drone that has been in the wishlist for many long before it even came into existence.

The DJI Spark is less of an ingenious gadget, and more of a response to market demands and pressure from competition. It’s essentially a phone-controlled (can also work with a remote control, sold as a separate bundle) drone that will allow you to take fancy aerial selfies, and do a bit of aerial photo- and video-graphy while at it.

At $499, the Spark isn’t dirt cheap, but should fit the budget for many a drone seeker. Let’s talk a bit about the specifics of the DJI Spark.

DJI Spark Features

1. It comes in 5 colours

For the first time, DJI have announced a drone that features 5 different colours. They’ll surely have fancier names, but allow me to broadly define the colours that the Spark will feature in — Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White.

2. It features a 12MP camera with a 2-axis gimbal

Besides aerial selfies, you should be able to take some decent aerial videos and capture some decent aerial landscapes as well.

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The DJI Spark features a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor that will capture photos in 12-megapixel resolution and shoot 2-axis stablized video in HD 1080p.

3. It features obstacle avoidance, and other intelligent flight modes

Impressively, DJI have managed to cram in a lot of tech into a rather small piece of kit. The DJI Spark will feature a toned-down version of obstacle avoidance, along with some intelligent flight modes which should ensure you get the best aerial selfie possible.

Other (battery, range, etc)

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark comes in at around half the size of a Phantom, and in line with that is the battery life. You can expect the DJI Spark battery to give about 16 minutes of flight time, which should be aplenty if you’re only looking to get a bird’s eye view (and shot) of yourself.

To speak of the control range, the DJI Spark features a 100-meter range when used with a phone, which however extends to 1.2 miles/2 km when used with a dedicated controller.

DJI Spark Pricing

Moving on to the pricing, DJI have priced the Spark at an impressive (for now, should get dearer later) $499 with a FlyMore combo available for $200 on top of that.

You can buy one from the DJI store (official) by visiting the product listing below.

Are you planning to get one of these, or will you want to look at other cheaper selfie drones?