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DJI Spark vs Zerotech Dobby: Which selfie drone to go for?


As most of you may know, DJI have just come out with a pocket friendly drone named the DJI Spark. This small aircraft can be considered a worthy competitor of the Zerotech Dobby, another portable drone launched back in 2016 which has been quite successful thus far.

The DJI Spark, despite being packed with tons of features and only costing $499, is still not a perfect drone. An example would be the lack of retractable arms or the drone only shooting 1080p videos and not 4k, like on the cheaper Zerotech Dobby.

Zerotech Dobby

DJI Spark vs Zerotech Dobby

Let’s now have a look at the specs of both drones before going forward with the comparison:

DJI Spark ZerotechDobby
Camera 1 / 2.3 “CMOS
Photo: 12 million pixel
Video: 1080p @ 30fps
1 / 3.06 “CMOS
Photo: 13 million pixel
video: 4K @ 30fps; 1080p @ 30fps
Lens Lens with two-axis PTZ fixed
remote control -85 degrees to 0 degrees
Manual control -90 degrees to 0 degrees, optional 6 angle
Features Via Gestures: take off, move, aim at the user away, take pictures, landing Via App: moving
Via Voice: take off, landing, take pictures
Shooting Modes Spiral, circle, rocket (vertical rise), away (back and rise) Target follow (back and up and then return)
Battery Life 16 minutes
Battery can be USB charging
9 minutes
Battery can be USB charging
Colors White, red, yellow, green, blue White
Dimensions 143 x 143 x 55 mm Unfolded: 135 x 145 x 36.8 mm
Folded: 135 x 67 x 36.8 mm
Price $499 $349

Advantages of having a Zerotech Dobby over a DJI Spark

So, what are the advantages of the Zerotech Dobby over the DJI Spark?

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1. No Registration Needed

Albeit US courts have just overruled the FAA decision to require a registration for all small unmanned aircraft that weigh above 250 grams, in many other parts of the world like Taiwan and China, this law is still into force. And that’s why the Zerotech Dobby has a slight advantage weighing just 199 grams versus the 300 grams of the DJI Spark.

In few words, you may not need FAA registration in the US or other parts of the world in this very moment, but if new laws pass and they specify the same 250 grams limit, then you’re probably better off getting a Zerotech Dobby which will most likely need any registration.

2. Zerotech Dobby won’t reveal your whereabouts

With DJI, even if you have registered when activating your DJI Spark upon purchase, you’ll need to login again on your smartphone or tablet to ensure you have the correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for their aircraft, as determined by their geographical location and user profile.

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If you do not follow these guidelines, your aircraft will not have access to the correct geospatial information and flight functions for your region. Because of that, DJI will disable the drone’s live camera streaming and limit the flight range to 50 meters in radius and 30 meters high altitude; killing most of the fun.

With the Zerotech Dobby you don’t need to login on an app and give away your GPS location so you won’t incur in any of these problems. You can fly it pretty much anywhere.

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What do you guys think of these two advantages of Zerotech Dobby on the DJI Spark? Are they enough to change your mind and prefer the former? Let us know in the comments below.