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DHD D3 Mini Reddie Review: The Fully Enclosed Drone

Contents of the box

GearBest was nice enough to send the Mini Reddie for me to review. This is a fully enclosed indoor drone that can rest in it’s transmitter for storage when not in use.

The design makes sense– fully enclose the drone so breaking a prop will be a thing of the past and it will be able to withstand anything it crashes into. Unfortunately, the cons of this cage outweigh the pros.

Allow me to explain exactly what I think about this drone below. If the interesting design and novelty of this drone is enough to make you want one, it is selling for only $17.99 at GearBest.

DHD D3 Mini Reddie Review

Here are the full specifications according to the manufacturer:

  • Brand: DHD
  • Model: D3
  • Features: Brushed Version, No camera, Radio Control
  • Functions: Flips, Fail-safe, Headless Mode, One Key Return
  • Material: ABS/PS, Electronic Components
  • Kit Types: RTF
  • Battery: 3.7V 280mAh lithium-ion
  • Flight Time: 4mins
  • Charging Time: 30mins
  • Product weight: 24g
Front of the box

This drone comes with 4 things in the box. The Mini Reddie, the transmitter, the charger, and the manual. No spare props are included because there is no way to break a prop.


Very nice lights for dark flying

I must say, it is the most interesting looking drone I have ever reviewed. The red colour of the frame is very nice and the lights are extremely bright. It has green lights for the back half and red for the front. It also has a headlight on the front, which is pretty cool and useful for orientation.

What the makers have gone after basically is the Hover Camera Passport, that features a similar caged-prop design (but it way more expensive).

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The props and battery are fully enclosed within the drone. This means there is no quick way to service the drone, if necessary. Flying indoors, there is a very real possibility that stray hair will get caught in the propellers.

Bottom of the drone

As you can see above, without unscrewing all 12 tiny screws in the frame, you can not get in there and remove hair or anything else that might find it’s way in. You also can not remove or replace the battery, since it is also enclosed.

Flight Characteristics

This drone undoubtedly has some flight issues caused by the cage it’s enclosed in. Some are also unrelated. Overall, it is just not a good flyer and movements are not precise.

The cage adds a lot of weight to this drone and makes it fly very heavy and adds a lot of noise. It also restricts air flow and ruins flight characteristics. Without the cage, this drone would likely have plenty of power with it’s tri-props. Sadly, the cage just restricts it too much.

After some time in the air, the accelerometer on the drone starts getting confused and the trim goes completely off. Landing and restarting the drone will temporarily fix the problem, but it will eventually occur again.


The drone fits nicely into the transmitter

The design and functionality of the transmitter is very nice. It makes the drone extremely portable and it’s designed in a very compact way. It is small and pretty low profile. It gives you the option to toss it in your bag and take the drone anywhere without worrying about it breaking in transport.

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When flying, the long size and rectangular shape of the transmitter is actually really nice. It allows for a solid grip, unlike some of the other mini drone transmitters.

The transmitter has the standard pitch and roll trims along with a headless mode/one key return trim under the throttle. Clicking the left button activates headless mode and the right button activates one key return.

There are two protruding buttons on the top that control the modes and flips. The left button allows for toggling between lo/med/hi modes. The right button indicates your intention to flip. After clicking, the next roll/pitch input will make it flip.


Flight times on this drone are advertised at around 4 minutes. In my experience, that is exactly what I am getting. This is a little disappointing, but for such a heavy mini drone, it should be expected.

Charging port and on/off switch

As you can see, the plug for the battery is flush with the frame with the battery enclosed inside. This means you must charge, fly, then charge again. You can not switch out batteries and keep going.

The on/off switch is just below it. It is fairly hard to push, but it is not a huge issue.



  • Unbreakable
  • Headlight for night flying
  • Low cost
  • Can store in transmitter


  • Responsiveness
  • Accelerometer issues
  • Air flow restriction
  • Flight time
  • Accessibility to props
  • Accessibility to battery
  • Limited functionality

This just is not a very good drone overall. If you still would like to buy one, Gearbest is selling them for only $17.99 here.