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AEE Selfy: The Drone that’s also a Phone Case


We’re seeing a good number of drones getting launched at CES this year. The latest AEE Selfy is one of the most peculiar ones as it’s so small it can become a smartphone case. Interested? Then keep reading!

AEE Selfy

TheĀ AEE Selfy is a tiny foldable drone that – as we just said – can turn into an Android phone or iPhone case. When unfolded though, it can snap photos at 13MP or record 1080p aerial videos. Of course, you’re going to fly it with your smartphone via WiFi, which make sense as it’ll always be next to your mobile device.

The drone can fly for around 4 minutes on a single charge and it has a 45 feet (13.7 meters) range. The Selfy will be available in a metal version, unlike what we see in the images above and it’ll be compatible with the iPhone 6, 7, 8 and Plus sizes, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus.

AEE’s Selfy drone will go on sale in the first quarter of the year at the recommended retail price of $130 on Amazon and various other stores.

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