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S-Series S30W Cheapest Dual GPS Drone with Tiltable Camera Launched


Today we check out a brand new drone called S-Series S30W which appears to be the cheapest Dual GPS drone currently on the market. Is that what you were waiting for? Then keep reading!


The S-Series S30W is a large quadcopter coming with an HD camera and the previously mentioned dual GPS module. The drone can record 720p footage with a really wide 120-degree viewing angle and it can be tilted remotely to around 75° to get the right shot. As you well know, the GPS will then allow the drone to keep its position in the sky and thus help you record some nice smooth video.

Other features include Follow Me Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, Headless Mode, One Key Take Off / Landing, One Key Return to Home and Drawing Flight Path Mode.

The drone comes with a 3.7 1000mAh capacity battery for about 8 minutes of flying.

S-Series S30W Specifications

  • Channel:4CH
  • Frequency:2.4G
  • Motor Type:1020
  • Adjustable angle camera: Adjustable camera by transmitter, 75°
  • Capacity of smart lithium battery:3.7V 1000mAh
  • Pressure sensor:Height Setting
  • Control distance:400m (Free interference and no occlusion)
  • Flight time:About 8 min
  • Charging time:About 60 min
  • USB Charging (5V)
  • Product Size:28x25x12cm
  • Product’s Weight:185g
  • Lithium battery of transmitter:3.7V 1000mAh
  • Camera lens:120°
  • Wifi image transmission distance:200m (Free interference and no occlusion)
  • Follow me: 30m
  • Video resolution:1280×720
  • Photo resolution:1280×720
  • Frame rate:25 fps

S-Series S30W Pricing and photos

The S-Series S30W is the cheapest drone equipped with a dual GPS module and a tiltable camera currently on the market, according to its listing price of $75.99 over at Banggood. What do you guys think?

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  • SheilaScotto

    Time flies and battery capacity is little.

  • Ανώνυμος – Anonymous

    Does it have Failsafe mode? I mean, does it have the ability to return when it has almost gone out of range of the transmitter?

    • The product page only mentions “when power is less than 5%, will automatically turn back”, nothing about lost signal, so probably not.
      Either way the range of the WiFi FPV is shorter than the range of the drone itself, so you’ll notice the FPV stops working long before you lose signal.

      • Ανώνυμος – Anonymous

        So signal protection has nothing to do with Failsafe mode? I say this because Bangood webpage says that it has signal protection, and I am not so sure if this means it has Failsafe mode? Moreover, is 5% of the battery enough so the quadcopter can return from 400m (this is the maximum distance of the quadcopter’s range).

        • I just noticed that but I honestly don’t know. Theoretically that could mean there’s failsafe mode for signal lost.
          I see you already asked them the question, let’s see what they answer!

          • Ανώνυμος – Anonymous

            Yes, let’s see what are they going to answer. I also found this on Gearbest (https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_1604817.html?wid=21) wich is very similar (if it’s not the same) and it doesn’t say anything about the Failsafe mode, so I asked them the same question. From a fast search on Google about signal protection I found that it might means that your quadcopter can’t be controlled by another person while you are flying it (if he tries to interfere with your quadcopter’s frequency).

          • Yes, that also makes sense.

          • Ανώνυμος – Anonymous

            They told me from Gearbest that it doesn’t have Faildafe mode, but as you said it has FPV signal until 200m thsi means that when you arrive there and the signal from the camera dissapears it’s too far for flying without FPV until the 400m of the transmitter’s signal, so you return in order to catch the FPV signal again. So I think that Failsafe mode is not so important on this quadcopter. Thanks for all the help!