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DJI Mavic Air Teaser Video Released Ahead of NYC Event


Really interesting new details coming from DJI ahead of the press event that is taking place in New York on January 23rd. The Chinese company did indeed just release a teaser video of what’s claimed to be the next DJI Mavic Air; let’s watch it down below!

As we can see in the video, DJI takes a quite open view of the world and explanation of life on earth to then hint at the upcoming drone. If you’re interested in the exact words, here’s the full text:

What are we? We are but billions of atoms and molecules buzzing together in harmony. And yet, from the seemingly insignificant size comes formidable strength and power. We are all struck from the same elements. Can something so small. The beginnings of something truly mighty. The question is: are we ready for what’s to come?DJI

According to news site DroneDJ, the drone we can slightly see at the end of the video is the DJI Mavic Air; a smaller, lighter and faster DJI Mavic Pro-like aircraft which will probably be positioned between the Spark and the Mavic Pro itself. This also means it could be priced around $699.99.

Finally, DJI reminds us about the event that’s going to go live on January 23rd at 10:00AM. You can visit DJI’s official live page to learn more.

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