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WLtoys Q363 with GPS Positioning and 5MP 1080p Camera Launched


It seems as GPS-equipped drones are finally getting cheaper. Today we indeed check out the WLtoys Q363 coming with a GPS module, a camera with gimbal and more; keep reading!

WLtoys Q363

The Q363 is the latest product released by the very active Chinese drone manufacturer – WLtoys. The aircraft is – as we previously mentioned – equipped with a GPS positioning system for a more precise and easier flying experience. In addition to the GPS which should keep it stable in the sky, you also get a camera attached to a two-axis gimbal with a 90-degree pitch.

WLtoys’s Q363 is actually available in three versions with either no camera, a 2MP camera that can shoot 720p video and a more premium one with a 5MP shooter and 1080p capabilities, the latter two also support 5Ghz WiFi connectivity.

All WLtoys Q363’s are equipped with 7.4V 2600mAh batteries for about 11 minutes of flight time.

WLtoys Q363 Specifications

  • Material ABS
  • Size 52*52*16.8 cm
  • Quadcopter weight 534g(without battery)
  • Motor 132
  • Battery Voltage 7.4V
  • Capacity 2600mAh
  • Energy 20C
  • Weight 150.5g
  • Flying time 11mins
  • Charging time 250mins
  • Gimbal Axis 2-Axis (Pitch, Roll)
  • Motor – Hollow cup (85*23)
  • Working voltage 7.4V, 5V
  • Transmitter Frequency 2.4G
  • Battery 4*AA (not included)
  • Mode Mode 2
  • R/C distance About 150-200m

WLtoys Q363 Pricing and Photos

The WLtoys Q363’s come at different price tags depending on the version you decide to get. They start at $92.99 for the drone without a camera and they top at $135.99 for the variant with a 5MP camera, 2-axis gimbal and 1080p video recording.

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