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AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone with Brushless Motors & Double GPS Listed Online


AOSENMA is a China-based drone manufacturer that produces higher end drones usually packed with top features such as GPS, brushless motors and more. The latest of which appears to be AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone; let’s have a closer look!

AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone

AOSENMA CG037’s main features are undoubtedly the four powerful 2212 brushless motors and the Double GPS positioning system. Having a Double GPS system means that you get a GPS module in the drone and another in the transmitter, thus you can activate “Follow Me” and command the drone to follow you (the TX) anywhere you go.

The AOSENMA CG037 also comes in various camera configurations, with the cheapest featuring no actual camera, the mid-range variant packs a 1080p shooter and 5G WiFi connectivity, meanwhile the top version features the better 5.8Ghz connectivity.

Other features include “Surround Mode” which gets the drone to circle around a point, One Key Return, Low Power Alarm, Auto Return To Home when connection is lost with the controller, the previously mentioned Follow Me Mode and Headless Mode.

The drone comes with a big 4750mAh capacity battery with flight times going from 20 to 30 minutes for the camera-less version to 15 minutes for the camera equipped ones.

AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone Specifications

  • Size 62*62*21cm
  • Package size 35*35*18cm
  • Take off weight 450g
  • Color Black, White
  • Motor Brushless 2212
  • Battery Voltage 14.8V
  • Capacity 4750mAh
  • Flying time 20-30mins / 15-20mins
  • Charging time 200mins
  • Transmitter frequency 2.4G
  • TransmitterBattery 4*AA (not included)
  • R/C distance About 1000m / 300m

AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone Specifications

As we previously specified, the AOSENMA CG037 Cyclone is available in multiple configurations and thus pricing. We go from the cheapest variant without camera selling for $244.99 to the 1080p 5.8Ghz version currently listed for $280.99.


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