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Hubsan H501s

Is Hubsan H501s the best Xiaomi Mi Drone alternative?

The Xiaomi Mi Drone is awesome, but lets face it - it's hard to get hold of. Here we discuss the Hubsan H501s and how it could be the best alternative.

What does Xiaomi’s Mi Drone Mean for GoPro?

With Xiaomi coming out with the feature-rich Mi Drone, it seems the market will no longer be dominated by GoPro - quite the opposite, in fact.
Cheerson CX-20 Crash!

I crashed my Cheerson CX-20

Video (and back story) of a Cheerson CX-20 crashing, including slo-mo, and damages done!
DJI marketing hitting below the belt

Are DJI hitting below the belt with their marketing?

DJI seem to have gone overboard in their marketing stint against the Yuneec Typhoon H, and it isn't right...

The Harsh Truth Behind the Axis Vidius FPV Drone

The Axis Vidius is marketed as the world's smallest FPV drone. Which might well be true, but here are a couple other things you should know before you buy one.

OnePlus DR-1 drone was an April fools prank but you can still buy it

A week or so back I wrote about a prospective drone from OnePlus, which was apparently going to be known as the OnePlus DR-1...

Rebranded Cheerson CX-10 being sold as the Skeye Nano Drone

There's rebranded Chinese phones being sold under different names aplenty, but what you might not know is the fact that a lot of Chinese...

The Chinese New Year is done with, you can now (finally) expect more drone...

The Chinese take their work seriously. If there ought to be two countries where people really (like, really) stick to the 'work hard, party...

Here’s how you can use a Hubsan X4 style controller to control a Cheerson...

The Hubsan X4 and the Cheerson CX-10 happen to be two of the most popular drones on the scene. The Hubsan X4 gets the...