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LANCHI Bluebird 80S

LANCHI Bluebird 80S: Yet another affordable micro FPV (Tiny Whoop)

The Lanchi Bluebird 80S is the newest quadcopter drone to join the Tiny Whoop bandwagon. At under $70 shipped, it's quite affordable too.
JYU Hornet 2

JYU Hornet 2 with Brushless Motors and GPS Launched

If you're looking for a fairly affordable aerial filming platform and don't have the budget for a DJI, the JYU Hornet 2 GPS drone might excite you.
Cheerson CX-23

Cheerson CX-23 GPS drone lands with a sub-$200 price tag

Meet the new Cheerson CX-23, a sub-$200 brushless GPS drone that could give drones like the AOSENMA CG035 a run for their money!
GoolRC T37

GoolRC’s T37 foldable selfie drone can be yours for a mere $27.99

If you thought selfie drones were as affordable as they could be, check out the new GoolRC T37, which at $28 offers the full monty.

Launched: MJX Bugs 6 brushless racing quadcopter for $75!

Affordable drones manufacturer MJX have just come out with yet another bang-for-the-buck aircraft — the MJX Bugs 6 quadcopter drone.
BFight 210

BFight 210: 210mm brushless FPV racing drone announced

BFight have launched a new 210mm drone for FPV racing purposes: the BFight 210. The aircraft features a captivating look and fairly powerful hardware!
FX100 100mm Micro FPV Racing Drone

New Affordable FX100 100mm Micro FPV Racing Drone with Brushless Motors

The FX100 quadcopter is a tiny new brushless drone that wants to get a spot in the list of the best Tiny Whoop alternatives!
bbb 3B - R 128

bbb 3B – R 128 launched with brushless motors and RunCam Swift FPV camera

Rather unknown quadcopter brand bbb have just released a 128mm wheelbase FPV racing frame kit known as the bbb 3B - R 128!
Makerfire Armor 90

Makerfire Armor 90: A Captivating Tiny Whoop Alternative

Makerfire is back at it with a rather exciting Tiny Whoop alternative. This new little puppy is called the Makerfire Armor 90!
K250 250mm FPV Racing Drone

Affordable K250 250mm FPV Racing Drone now listed

A new FPV racing drone has hit the market -- we're talking about the K250 with its 250mm wheelbase and quite powerful hardware!
LANCHI Monster

LANCHI Monster: A 76mm Wheelbase Brushless FPV Quadcopter

The Lanchi Monster is a brand new quadcopter drone with a wheelbase of 76mm and brushless motors, making it a nice indoor option.
XT 0001A Drone

XT 0001A Drone with 360-degrees Protective Cage

The XT 0001A is quite an odd-looking beginners drone with a really interesting protective cage and a super affordable price tag!