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MX5 PATHFINDER 2-in-1 RC drone and car launched

Speaking of value for money, the MX5 PATHFINDER is a super affordable 2-in-1 quadcopter drone and RC car toy and it boasts FPV as well!

FEI LUN FX176C2 is a ‘follow me’ GPS drone for $80

The FEI LUN FX176C2 is a budget new quadcopter drone that has a few tricks up its sleeve, besides just the follow me function.

JJRC H43WH launched: Meet the $29 ‘crab’ drone

Over at JJRC's production labs they are never resting — even in summer — so today we've got a new comer, the JJRC H43WH a.k.a. the Crab drone

The handy little Wingsland M5 drone comes with WiFi FPV, GPS and brushless motors

Popular drone maker Wingsland have announced their newest -- the Wingsland M5, which comes with brushless motors, GPS and more!

At $20, this here is the world’s cheapest foldable selfie drone

With the popularity of foldable selfie drones on the rise, newer and more affordable options like the $21-worth DHD D5 are going to be a commonplace.
F15 Micro RC Quadcopte

The F15 Micro Drone could be the best $18 investment ever

Meet the all new F15 micro quadcopter drone, a $18 piece of kit that wants to be the jack of all... without burning a hole in your wallet!
Airselfie E03

The Airselfie E03 is a brushless selfie drone that is smaller than your phone

A new company which we've never covered before on RC Drone Arena — Airselfie — have just launched a super smart-looking drone named the Airselfie E03 drone.
Diso 09

The Diso 09 quadcopter drone folds into a ball, and it’s quite weird

The Diso 09 is a rather unique drone, in the sense that it can be folded into the shape of a proper round ball. At ~$30, it's fairly affordable too!

JJRC H37 Mini BABY ELFIE: A Smaller JJRC H37 with G-sensor Remote

JJRC have given their super-successful H37 franchise a bump with the new and more advanced JJRC H37 Mini Baby Elfie foldable selfie drone!
Flytec T18D

Flytec T18D – A $40 drone that looks like a full-blown racer!

The Flytec T18D is extremely affordable at around the $40 mark. With affordability, the Flytec T18D also bring the design of a racing drone!
X8T foldable drone

Meet the X8T and X8TW, the newest sub-$40 foldable drones

The X8T and it's slightly upgraded version, the X8TW are two super-affordable foldable selfie drones that almost anyone can purchase.
LH - X25S

LH-X25S Drone with WiFi FPV and Altitude Hold Mode Launched

The LH-X25S is the newest of the budget WiFi FPV quadcopters. For around $55, it isn't the most affordable but an interesting prospect anyway.