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Lian Sheng LS-128 ‘Sky Hunter’ FPV Drone Unboxing!

The Lian Sheng LS-128 is a daunting looking, cool FPV drone. RC Drone Arena brings to you an exclusive unboxing video of it!

Lian Sheng LS-128 ‘Sky Hunter’ FPV quad-copter now listed

China's Lian Sheng has announced yet another quad-copter right after the Chinese New Year -- the Lian Sheng LS-128 Sky Hunter. The drone is...

Lian-Sheng’s LS115 is a Cheerson CX-10A rival with an on-board camera

The Cheerson CX-10, despite the long time it has spent in the market, is still regarded as one of the better learner quad-copters. More...