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What is Singles' Day

FAQ: What is Singles’ Day, and why you should care!

11th November (or 11.11) is celebrated as Singles' Day in China. However, more than anything else, it's a shopping frenzy in China -- Keep reading for more info!

RoboBee is a tiny drone that mimics the intelligence of bees

The RoboBee is a micro-aerial vehicle that sticks to surfaces using static energy and mimics the intelligence of bees -- including working in a swarm.

MJX X600 hexacopter drone listed for $53

A new listing found on a reseller store tells about the upcoming MJX X600 hexacopter drone.

Syma X8C on discounted sale for a limited time

Syma recently gave the ever-so-popular X5C an update in the form of the X8C. Generally, the quadcopter drone can be found for over $100, but...

MIT researchers test drones that can float on water

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have prototyped a new kind of a drone which can float on water. The prototype goes by the...