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XK announces 4 new drones: Stunt, Detect, Alien and Aircam

XK is an unheard-of drone manufacturer for me, but the company seems to have some decent offerings in place. XK just announced not one, not...

JJRC H22 3D is an Eachine H8 3D Mini rival quadcopter

Another headless mode, inverted flight enabled quadcopter in the JJRC H22 3D goes on sale for under $25 shipped!

LS-116: Another 3-in-1 quadcopter drone for $30

There are hobby grade drones, there are toy grade drones and then there are ones like this one... 3-in-1 is what the Chinese like...

YiZhan i6s, yet another nano hexacopter with camera

The new Yizhan i6s is among the first nano hexacopters to have a camera on-board... and it also comes with a killer design!

The Heliway 950 is another Syma X5 rival

The Syma X5 (and consequently, the X5C and X5C-1) are among the most popular entry-level camera drones, despite having spent a lot of time...

Syma X13 ‘Miracle’ is another micro quadcopter drone

Syma is probably best known for the Syma X5C quadcopter drone, but the company is gradually rolling out more products in the drone market. The latest...

JXD 398 is another UFO-ish quadcopter drone

Say hello to the newest micro quadcopter drone on the block, the $30 JXD 398!

Lian Sheng LS215 is a ‘shockproof’ drone, does inverted flights

The all new Lian Sheng LS215 micro quadcopter drone has just been announced, and it does inverted flights for just $28!
Eachine H8S 3D Mini

Eachine H8S 3D Mini, a $18 drone that can do quite a bit

Eachine's newest is the Eachine H8S 3D Mini quadcopter which retails for a mere $18 shipped. Learn more about it here.

MJX X300C does WiFi FPV and headless flights for $60

MJX may not be the most popular name on the quadcopter drone market, but the company's latest product, i.e., the MJX X300C is certainly...

Fayee FY801: Eachine/JJRC H8 Mini drone with inverted flights

Add inverted flights to the awesome little Eachine H8 Mini (aka the world's CHEAPEST quadcopter drone!) and the FY801 is what you get!

Senxiang S48 Explore: Camera-ready drone for $14!

The new Senxiang S48 Explore is a quadcopter drone that doesn't cost $400, not $100 but a mere $14. And it comes with headless mode!