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Cheerson CX-31 is a rather odd-looking frisbee-style drone

Cheerson is best known for its CX-10 (which is also rebranded by a tonne of vendors) mini quad-copter drone, which is not only among...

HT F803R quadcopter launched, does inverted flights

The all new HT F803R might have a very recognizable frame (from the JJRC J1000), but the F803R does inverted flights which the JJRC doesn't.

Lian Sheng LS215 is a ‘shockproof’ drone, does inverted flights

The all new Lian Sheng LS215 micro quadcopter drone has just been announced, and it does inverted flights for just $28!

HT F801C now does WiFi FPV; is among the cheapest FPV drones

The HT F801C is already quite a popular quadcopter drone, but a recent upgrade it received from the factory should make it an even...

Aosenma CG032 3D X4, another drone that does inverted flights

The Aosenma CG032 3D X4 is the newest quadcopter drone on the block to feature the inverted flight capability!