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Lian Sheng LS215 is a ‘shockproof’ drone, does inverted flights

The all new Lian Sheng LS215 micro quadcopter drone has just been announced, and it does inverted flights for just $28!

Lian-Sheng’s LS115 is a Cheerson CX-10A rival with an on-board camera

The Cheerson CX-10, despite the long time it has spent in the market, is still regarded as one of the better learner quad-copters. More...

The UDI U27 Free Loop quadcopter does inverted flights for $50

The UDI U27 aka 'Free Loop' quadcopter drone costs under $50, and features headless flights, double flips and does inverted flights.

‘Sky Fighter’ JY001 is a Syma X11C rival with a 2MP camera

Another entry-level quadcopter drone just entered the cut-throat consumer market in the form of the Sky Fighter JY001. It is essentially a competitor to the...

Syma X11 Hornet Quadcopter Drone Review

Full review of the Syma X11 'Hornet' quadcopter, which seems like a very suitable entry-level drone!

Koome Q5 Mini: Budget micro quadcopter for $21

Koome has announced the Koome Q5 Mini quadcopter drone, which looks like a decent buy for $21.

JJRC H10 announced, looks very much like the HT F801c

JJRC just announced the JJRC H10 quadcopter drone, which reminds me a lot of the popular HT F801c quadcopter.

JJRC H22 3D is an Eachine H8 3D Mini rival quadcopter

Another headless mode, inverted flight enabled quadcopter in the JJRC H22 3D goes on sale for under $25 shipped!

Moontop M9916 looks like an affordable Syma X11 clone

It isn't uncommon to see popular products being cloned in China. More often than not, the 'inspiration' comes from international companies, but of late,...

YD-822S quadcopter drone allows multiplayer combat!

The new YD-822S Mini quadcopter drone is what I call the 'drone version of laser tag'!

[Video] Unboxing the Syma X11 ‘Hornet’ quad-copter drone

Up until 2014, the Hubsan X4 was regarded as one of the best, if not the best, beginners quad-copter drone. However, last year saw...
HSK90 90mm Micro Brushless

Tiny Whoop Lover? Check out the new HSKRC 90!

If you're a lover of the super successful Tiny Whoop quadcopter then you'll probably like the recently launched HSKRC 90. A tiny micro drone with brushless...