You’re probably aware of the Cheerson CX-10. If you aren’t, you should be, and my review of the tiny little aircraft is a good place to start.

The CX-10 was, for the longest time, the world’s tiniest commercially available quadcopter drone. It has now been replaced by the Floureon FX-10 (which also sells under a couple other names, including the Cheerson CX-Stars).

For some reason, probably just for the kick of it, the folks over at Cheerson have given the CX-10 a camera update. The quadcopter drone is now known as the Cheerson CX-10C (C for camera, duh!) and will sell for only around $10 over the usual price of the non-camera CX-10.

cheerson cx-10c 3

 E P I C Camera Drones  on sale! (limited time)

Battery gets a bump too, from 100mAh to a slightly more respectable 120mAh… but the added power drawing by the camera will probably more than make up for the extra 20mAh. The manufacturer mentions that the CX-10C can do about 4 minutes in flight, which isn’t a lot, with the new battery. Who cares, anyway, I’m buying one (like you will too) just for the heck of it!

To speak of the numbers, the camera itself is 0.3 mega-pixel or VGA, but being the wise man I am, I wouldn’t expect anything but horrendous image quality from it. But then again… you probably won’t use the Cheerson CX-10C for professional aerial photo/videography.

  • Model: Cheerson CX-10Ccheerson cx-10c 2
  • Size group: Nano
  • Battery: 120mAh
  • Camera: 0.3MP/VGA
  • Headless mode: No
  • Other: World’s smallest drone with a camera
  • Price: $28 shipped

The trim buttons on the good old controller of the aileron will now serve as the photo/video buttons, which means there’ll be a little less control that you’ll have on the quadcopter. There’s no word yet on whether it’ll have headless mode or not.

The Cheerson CX-10C is (update: the CX-10C’s is now on sale for as low as $22 price is back up to $28listed on Banggood for $28 shipped globally, and is expected to start shipping soon!