Cheerson CX-20 Crash!

It was a beautiful summer evening here in Pune today, until the tides turned against me. I was out flying with a friend of mine (who’s more of an RC truck guy anyway), when I learnt a lesson the hard way: Cheerson CX-20 prop nuts don’t like to stay in place.

Mid-flight, thankfully not too high up, a prop nut decided to have a bit of a flight of its own. This is when my Cheerson CX-20 had a crash landing. Damage: broken landing gear, broken shell, defunct SJ4000 action camera, and a lost prop nut (we found the prop around 100 ft from the point of crash).

Anyway, here’s a lesson to learn: either (i) check your prop nuts before every flight on your CX-20, or (ii) use loctite. This is, of course, only if you’re using the stock props. The very helpful Cheerson community on Facebook recommends using DJI props (9540s), so it’s all up to you. As for me, I’m going the loctite way for now!

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In other news, can you perform 5 flips on the trot on your CX-20?