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We’ve just been notified about a sale that’s going to take place between the 22nd and 27th of this month. What’s interesting is that it’s going to be a sale exclusively for XK products.

Before we get into the product listings for the sale, let’s get through how the sale is going to work. GearBest call it a ‘Promotion Ladder’ sale. In other words, the sale will see products listed at a price, limited by quantity. Once the allotted number of units have been sold, the price will go up the ‘ladder’, but will still be cheaper than the regular price.

Now, let’s take a look at the quads that will be on sale:

  • XK X100: Micro quadcopter with acro mode
  • XK X250: Mini quadcopter with 5.8GHz FPV on a budget
  • XK X251: Powerful brushless quadcopter with near-hobby grade controller
  • XK X252: 5.8GHz quadcopter with brushless motors
  • XK X380: GPS quadcopter with return to home, altitude hold etc.
  • XK X251 LiPo battery
 E P I C Camera Drones  on sale! (limited time)

Here’s how the pricing will work for the above mentioned products:

XK X100

  • Current listed price: $39.3
  • Starting price (quantity): $24.99 (10 units)
  • Beyond that (quantity): $29.99 (30 units)

XK X250

  • Current listed price: $86.14
  • Starting price (quantity): $63.99 (40 units)
  • Beyond that (quantity): $75.99 (50 units)

XK X251

  • Current listed price: $109.8
  • Starting price (quantity): $69.99 (40 units)
  • Beyond that (quantity): $89.99 (150 units)

XK X252

  • Current listed price: $164.89
  • Sale price and quantity: $145.99 (50 units)

XK X380

  • Current listed price: $208.28
  • Sale price and quantity: $179.99 (40 units)

XK X251 LiPo battery

  • Current listed price: $6.71
  • Sale price and quantity: $4.99 (200 units)

Out of these, the XK X251 sounds like the best of them to me. The X251 is an absolutely brilliant quadcopter (and trust me I’m not just saying this to please my sponsor), and $70 is just an insane price for something like that.

Which one do you fancy?