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Are DJI hitting below the belt with their marketing?

DJI marketing hitting below the belt

While DJI are the undisputed leaders of the consumer drone market, it seems as though they’re keen on securing their future — despite it looking fairly bright. They’re riding high on the launch of their newest consumer-focused drone, the Phantom 4… but at the same time, seem to be keen on making sure that no one’s able to steal their share of the pie. Ever?

Here’s why.

Recently, we got sent a story by DJI on how the obstacle avoidance feature the Phantom 4 features was superior to that of the Yuneec Typhoon H, a prime Phantom 4 contender. We’re particular about having original content and only original content here at RC Drone Arena, so I double checked with the person (a public relations executive from DJI) about the story being 100% original, and exclusive to RC Drone Arena, to which he agreed. More on this later.

The article, naturally, had the Phantom 4 come on top in the end. What’s interesting is that the couple of videos used in the article were both not made by DJI — so if something did ever go wrong, DJI for sure wouldn’t be the ones to blame.

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The videos embedded in the article came from FliteTest (well-known YouTube channel) and another (perhaps made-up) channel called LEE ROL.

DJI Hitting Below The Belt?

Earlier today (two days after having the DJI-sent article up on RC Drone Arena) I came across this post on sUAS News, talking about pretty much the same thing. What was interesting to see was the video that the article had embedded in it; it turns out someone — DJI or someone else — are hitting below the belt. Take a look at the video:

I was surprised to find that DJI had sent the exact same article to sUAS News as well — without caring about the consequences that could land both (and others, if any) parties in jeopardy. As you may know already, search engines aren’t particularly fond of copied content (and they don’t know about the dirty games being played otherwise).

DJI marketing hitting below the belt
DJI rep confirming to me that the content was original, which it obviously wasn’t

So, it turns out that:

  1. The article sent to us was NOT an exclusive.
  2. DJI — or a PR agency they’ve hired — aren’t respecting the rules of the game, and are indulging in negative advertising.

I encourage you to go over Gary’s piece on sUAV News talking about the same issue. To answer his question about someone being afraid of the Typhoon H — umm, do I even need to?