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Eachine H8 Mini is a rebranded JJRC H8 Mini!


If you take a look at the most popular posts on RC Drone Arena this month, you’ll realize that the Eachine H8 Mini has been one of the most talked about quadcopter drones here (at the time of writing this article). And it is no surprise about that being the case; the Eachine H8 Mini, after all, is the cheapest RTF quadcopter drone, selling at just $14 shipped.

While browsing the internet for new drone launches, I came across the JJRC H8 Mini, a quadcopter drone which bears a striking resemblance to the Eachine H8 Mini. If the two quadcopter drones having identical model names wasn’t enough, the fact that they even have the same press renders confirms them being one and the same thing.

Eachine H8 Mini RC Drone Arena  (3)


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It appears as though Eachine is an in-house branding used by Banggood, which happens to be one of the biggest online stores on the internet. The quadcopter can be found in its original JJRC avatar on sites like GearBest, Tmart and others… while it may have different names, it goes for about $14 on almost all stores.

Nonetheless, I’m expecting to receive the Eachine H8 Mini in the coming week or so, so stay tuned for an in depth review. You might also be interested to know that the Cheerson CX-10 also gets a lot of rebrands — some which sell for more than twice its usual price.

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