Home Manufacturers Eachine Eachine H8 Mini is the world’s cheapest RTF quadcopter drone!

Eachine H8 Mini is the world’s cheapest RTF quadcopter drone!


We’ve seen affordable quadcopters, and we’ve seen some really inexpensive ones. However, the all new Eachine H8 Mini probably beats them all with a price tag that’s lower than any other!

(Update: The Eachine H8 Mini review is up, check it out!)

The Eachine H8 Mini costs a mere $14 shipped, and has a very cool Cheerson CX-20 sort of a look to it. In fact, if you don’t have anything to compare to, the Eachine H8 Mini does look much larger than it actually is. I was myself fooled into believing it was much bigger than its actual size before looking at another picture.

What I like most about the this quadcopter drone is the design… a lot of nano drones have come and gone, but most invariably derived their design from the CX-20, while this ones a breath of fresh air. That’s not it; the H8 Mini also features headless mode and RTH (return to home), features usually seen on more expensive fliers.

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On the specs segment, the H8 Mini measures 11*11*2.8cm (thanks to the long-ish prop guards), and comes with a 150mAh battery. The battery takes about 45 minutes to charge, and returns 5-7 minutes of flight time according to this listing. It seems to have a controller very similar to the one found on the Cheerson CX-10. What gives the H8 Mini an advantage over the CX-10 is that the H8 Mini has a removable battery while the CX-10 doesn’t.

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In all, the Eachine H8 Mini looks like a very interesting, entry-level nano quadcopter drone to me. I’ll try getting my hands on one to review for you guys; meanwhile, you can order one for $14 shipped from Banggood!

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