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$1000 EHang GHOST+ with 13MP Camera, and GPS now official


GHOST+Chinese drone makers have realized the potential of high-end drones, and are slowly but certainly starting to dish out some feature-rich drones. The latest on this list is the EHang GHOST+, which comes with a $1000 price tag.

It might be an expensive drone when you look at it as a Chinese product, but the feature list of the device does seem to suggest otherwise. The 650g drone comes with a 13 mega-pixel camera on-board, along with a gimbal for stabilization. The powerful controller that comes along with the flier is claimed to have a range of 1km / 1000m, which is more than what you’ll ever require in most cases. The GHOST+ also supports control via smartphone, and features pathfinder mode as well; you don’t have to manually control the drone and it’ll simply follow your predefined path.

Naturally, there’s GPS on board as well. This means that the quad-copter also has the much-needed RTH (Return To Home) feature, in case you lose it in the sky. According to reseller listings, the quad-copter takes 4 hours to charge the 5400mAh battery, which in return gives 13-18 minutes of flight time. Last but not the least, the GHOST+ also has Auto-Follow, which means you can simply go about doing whatever you’re up to (mountain biking, etc.) and let the drone follow and film you meanwhile.