Home News GPtoys F51C waterproof camera drone down to $33

GPtoys F51C waterproof camera drone down to $33


Probably in a bid to compete with the very popular JJRC H31, the folks over at GPtoys have given the GPtoys F51C camera drone a bit of a price cut.


The GPtoys F51C is now available for a mere $33. While it’s still a couple of dollars more expensive than the H31, it has a major advantage — that being the HD camera it has on its belly.

Don’t expect to take Hollywood-like shots from this HD camera, and you’ll be good to go. It’s waterproof as well, so a little dip in the pool every now and then will not spoil the drone.

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The camera module is a 1 mega-pixel sensor, but with some software tricks (read: interpolation), the camera will take 2 mega-pixel pictures. A 3.7V (1S) 400mAh battery keeps the show running.

Usual modes such as headless mode and one key return can be found on the GPtoys F51C. Do you plan to get one, or are you saving up for something more powerful?