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HJ 993 launched. Another Cheerson CX-10 clone?


HJ 993 3_result-4Another nano quadcopter drone just went official in China, in the form of the HJ 993. The flier essentially uses the same frame/chassis as the Cheerson CX-10, but there appear to be a few differences.

To start off, the HJ 993 quadcopter drone appears to be a little more affordable than the Cheerson CX-10. While the CX-10 goes for anything around $15-17, this one can be had for under $15 (for the next three days only, apparently). However, according to RCGroups forum member t00nz843z, the HJ 993 quadcopter drone flies a lot different than the agile Cheerson counterpart. Here’s what he had to say in his forum post:

The $14.97 HJ 993 at first glance appears to be another clone of the CX-10 nano quadcopter. But it flies very differently. The CX-10 is highly maneuverable, sometimes described as “twitchy”, which can make it somewhat difficult for beginners to learn to fly with. But the HJ 993 is much more docile, making it more suitable for beginner fliers.

HJ 993 5_result-2

The forum poster has also done a video review of the HJ 993, which can be found on YouTube.

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It appears to me as though this onslaught of nano quadcopter drones is here to stay. I wrote an article some days back on how the Cheerson CX-10 was being rebranded and sold under various different names, often for more than double the price. What’s interesting is the fact that people are more than happily paying these sums; just goes to show the potential of Chinese manufacture perhaps.

Coming back the the HJ 993, this quadcopter drone comes with a controller that is identical looking to what comes with the CX-10, and has the same 3.7V 100mAh battery. I believe the flight controller board is where the difference lies, which also gives the HJ 993 unique flight characteristics.

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