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JJRC H8C modded with double blades on each motor, see how it performs

best drones under $100
best drones under $100

JJRC H8CYouTuber Copter Hubsan certainly has a soft corner for hacking and modding drones which are already well worth their salt. The channel first showed us that the JJRC H8C could indeed carry an SJ4000 action camera, and today, gives us a peek at the H8C again, but with another mod.

The video is about a JJRC H8C carrying an action camera in windy outdoors, and doing it quite well. The stability seems abnormal; and if you’re wondering, that’s because the drone carrying the camera recording the action is no ordinary JJRC H8C, but one which has two blades for each motor! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself!

JJRC H8C double blade mod

So as you can see, the JJRC H8C does pretty well in the aforementioned conditions. If you’re wondering how the mod can be done to any JJRC H8C, here’s a video that explains it all in detail steps.

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The JJRC H8C is a budget drone that sells from anywhere between $50 and $60. Tmart, for example, offer the JJRC H8C drone for $60 shipped, with an option for having it shipped from a US warehouse for US customers. Mods such as this one, along with the community support that the drone gets, make it quite sweet a deal.

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